Catherine Quiambao

Head of Marketing at Eaton Square


As a marketer, what do you do to understand customer behavior?

I usually look at data from analytics, email click reports, heat map data or whatever data is accessible. Apart from that, I regularly check qualitative data through email enquiries, chat messages, as well as feedback from previous clients. Another good way is to invite your ICP to a podcast or video interview to understand their motivations and problems on a deeper level.

How do you make your digital marketing strategy more dynamic? 

Analyzing campaign reports in a timely manner helps. The good thing about digital marketing is you can do small scale tests to gauge performance before rolling out with bigger budgets. Learn from previous tests and tweak the strategy as needed. 

Which marketing channels do you use to reach a broader ecosystem?

We are in the B2B space so I use channels that are relevant to our target audience. Apart from content marketing which is essential, there’s email, online events, some PPC and LinkedIn of course. The idea is not to be present in all channels. Invest in key pillars that work and double down on that.

How would you anticipate a potential shift in the industry and deal with it?

Given the uncertainties in the past 18 months, we experienced a lot of shifting in our niche (financial services). What helps is to stay on top of what’s happening in the industry. Evolving trends is a good opportunity to establish yourself as a thought leader in your space. Investing in content marketing and brand building helps as well as they deliver long term results.

Do you think a fail-fast mentality is important in marketing?

Absolutely. Running small scale tests helps you learn from your failures quickly, pivot and move forward. The marketing landscape is ever changing. What worked last year might no longer be relevant. Stay creative, listen to your customers and aim to always provide value first.

Catherine Quiambao is the Head of Marketing at Eaton Square. She co-hosts No Hacks Marketing, a weekly podcast for business owners and marketers.