Casted, a SaaS-based Content Marketing Platform Raises $2.35M

Casted, a SaaS-based Content Marketing Platform Raises $2.35M


  • Casted, is the first SaaS (Software-as-a-service) platform for marketing branded podcasts
  •  It raised seed funding of $2.35 million from High Alpha Venture Studios
  • It included both individual investors and institutional investors like High Alpha Capital, Elevate Ventures, Tappan Hill Ventures.

The Platform

Casted is the first podcasting platform built specifically to empower B2B marketers. It helps them create rich, relevant, and conversational content to drive marketing results. Leading B2B companies today rely on Casted to amplify their brand initiatives. 

The platform is built from the perspective of B2B marketers, putting podcasting as the central content marketing strategy.

With embedded audio, takeaway clips, beautiful landing pages, Casted makes it easier for B2B businesses to appear professional without additional resources.

Last, the platform provides the opportunity to connect with digital marketing tools such as HubSpot, WordPress, and Marketo. 

Casted Raises 2.35 Million in Seed Funding

In recent years, audio has gained momentum. With podcasts, marketers have an incredible opportunity to give a conversational touch to their marketing initiatives.

“Casted is here to empower our customers with the only purpose-built platform for branded podcasts and their unique technology needs,” said Lindsay Tjepkema, CEO at Casted.

Marketers use the Casted platform to host, organize, and distribute their branded audio content. It also allows brands to measure the performance of their podcast.

Speaking exclusively, Lindsay Tjepkema, CEO at Casted, said “Great marketing is centered around authentic conversations. We’ve built a platform to help marketers manage, activate, and measure their podcasts to wring out all the value from each conversation.” 

Casted will use these funds to grow its product, sales, and marketing efforts. It will continue to grow its features according to the evolving market and consumer feedback.

Content marketing will continue to evolve, and new platforms will keep emerging. Currently, podcasts are reining. 

With the first podcast exclusively built for B2B marketers, we’ll see many notable brands investing in audio content. We can already see brands like Drift, Pendo, Terminus, and LogicGate creating content on Casted.

B2B content marks up to 15% of the total podcasting content out there. Platforms like Casted could improve this percentage. 

2020 was a good year for Casted. It quadrupled its revenue, tripled its customer acquisition, and doubled the size of its team in just 12 months.

Their customers include Paypal, HubSpot, and Drift.

What Lindsay and the team are building is a new category in the Martech space. With blogs, videos, white papers being important forms of content in the B2B space, it was only a matter of time before podcasting caught up.


The value of the Casted goes beyond the podcast hosting platform. The company is heavily investing in its analyzing abilities to give brands a way to monetize their efforts. When you are a B2B company, you’d want to know how people interact with the content and how it will impact revenue.

The opportunity for audio content in the B2B space is massive.

 It would be interesting to see how B2B companies make use of it.