BuyerAssist launches new B2B sales engagement platform

BuyerAssist launches new B2B sales engagement platform

Lack of time with potential B2B buyers and the unpredictable buying processes call for a solution that makes selling easier.

BuyerAssist, a platform founded by Amit Dugar, Shankar Ganapathy, and Shyam HN (the alumni of SoftBank Vision), wants to make this process as smooth as possible.

The company launched its beta product in June with $2M in seed funding led by Stellaris Venture Partners and Emergent Ventures.

The capital is likely to be utilized in hiring the best talent in the U.S. and India, eventually launching the main product by 2022.

A typical B2B buying process involves 6 to 10 key decision-makers. Consequently, both sellers and buyers find the whole process very complex.

The pandemic has added an extra layer to the already complex B2B process. With much of the sales happening remotely, the buyers spend most of their time researching for the right solution. The time they spend talking to actual sales reps and vendors is low. It means the sellers need to find ways to keep the potential buyers engaged while also making the sales process easy.

BuyerAssist acts as a platform for B2B sellers to deliver a smooth buying experience and provide a single integrated interface throughout their buying journey. 

It makes the research part easier for B2B buyers. The platforms make it easy to search for information that usually drowns in emails and sales calls. Vendors and buyers can share information about their needs (pricing, reviews, features), creating transparency between them. It also stores crucial files like proposals, legal documents, and contracts. 

For vendors, the platform gives the necessary information they require from buyers. Assisting them in planning their sales pipeline and set revenue goals. BuyerAssist also has an analytics feature to help vendors understand the engagement with their product. It alerts them when buyers become less engaged. So they could take appropriate steps to tackle the situation.   

The platform transforms sales discovery into a collaborative process for both sellers and buyers. With a clear understanding of each other’s priorities, both can create a plan that serves the buyer’s purpose smoothly.  

BuyerAssist is focusing on reducing the friction between B2B enterprise software sales processes. Buyers want a trusted buying platform and sellers want to run a consistent sales process.  

BuyerAssist maximizes the value of B2B relationships by keeping sales teams in sync with potential buyers. Currently, the platform focuses on enterprise software and SaaS companies that sell remotely. They plan to expand in the manufacturing and finance sector in the future.