7 Brilliant Branding Concepts to implement in your marketing

7 Brilliant Branding Concepts to implement in your marketing
Brand Trees

Do you know, the word “Brand” has been known for 6 centuries! As the story goes, the meaning of the word “Brand” was “As a means of marking ownership or quality of property” where cattles and other things were marked using a hot iron. After 600 years, the meaning of “Brand” is related to remembering a particular company as if that company is a person with certain qualities!

Today our lives are shaped by brands. And if you are a business owner or marketer, would you not love to be a brand that your potential customers remember and trust?

Here is how you can travel the path of branding to be a top brand in your customer’s mind!

Importance Of branding

Here are 7 important concepts you need to include in your marketing!

Why do we need to create a brand? Because today’s customers have literally 1000s of choices when it comes to purchasing any product. How do you then stand out? How do you create a loyal customer base? .When you want your potential customers to select your company over any other competitor, you need to create a brand.

A brand is much more than just smart graphics and clever words. A brand is a promise—a brand is a living entity with qualities, a memorable name, among other things.

1.  Brand Promise

Brand Promise

As we stated earlier, a Brand Promise is everything; it is your brand’s life and soul. What is your brand promising to your customers? Every great brand creates a promise. Your brand name, tagline, the logo design should all be consistent with your brand promise. Also, keep in mind – your promise must be clear.

          “Our Mission: Bring Inspiration And Innovation To Every Athlete* In The World *If You Have A Body, You Are An Athlete.” – Brand Promise of Nike

We will see how brand promise plays a part when we look at 3 more concepts:

Brand Name, Tagline, and Brand Image.

2.  Brand Name

Perfect Brand Name

You really want to get this right. It is how most of the consumers will remember it. Your brand name should be clear and catchy. Most people will forget a brand name that’s too long. It’s best to keep it simple. Nike, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Google, Linkedin, Twitter… you get the idea! Keep it short.


  1. Easier to introduce new products once the brand name is famous. (Any phone from Samsung/ Apple is known by brand name first)
  2. Helps in improving brand recall. (Also called “top of the mind” market share)

3. Brand Tagline

Brand Tagline

The tagline is a key element. A tagline of 3-5 words should convey your brand promise. It should appeal to your potential market. A tagline creates a “hook” for the brand. No wonder there are stories of Mcdonald’s purchasing a tagline for 1 million US dollars!

Your tagline may lead to your customers remembering your company name. It says a lot about your company in a few words. Tagline acts as a mirror that shows your audience what your business is all about.


4. Brand Creatives

Brand Creatives

This consists of all the colors, fonts, font-sizes, and other visual elements of branding. Consistent creativity gives your brand a consistent look and feel. Consumers like familiar concepts. It helps in building trust and according to consumer neuroscience.

Color improves brand recognition by up to 80%
Source: (Forbes)

Whenever you design any marketing material – printed or digital, use consistent branding creatives. Create brand guidelines and ensure all the marketing materials are following the same guideline.

5. Brand Logo

Brand Logo

This is another key pillar of brand building. The brand logo makes your brand appeal go beyond words. Do you know, 94% of the world recognizes the coca-cola logo? (Source: coca-cola website). Your brand logo should be consistent with your brand promise. A brand logo is the first thing people will remember before they even think. A great logo attracts people.

Guess what?

People form opinions about your company in 10 seconds after looking at your logo.
(Source: Crowdspring)

6. Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning
The Basics of Brand Positioning

Based on your brand promise, you need to determine where in the market you are positioning your brand? Brand positioning is about being clever and creative. Today most of the markets have some kind of competition. You need to give a deep thought to your company’s brand positioning.

7. Brand Image

Brand Image

Brand Image is the impression your brand creates on the consumer’s mind. What is your company’s impression on your potential and existing consumers about your brand? How do they perceive your brand?

Often, makers of a product look at the brand from an angle, but consumers look at the same brand from another angle. Marketers need to get an idea about how your consumers are thinking about your brand.


  1. A positive brand image boosts trust. And trust boosts business.
  2. The brand image helps in attracting new customers when you understand how the customers perceive you.
Brand Buying decision

Brand image is the result in your end consumers’  mind. It is the final product of your branding, marketing, and sales. When you are able to align the first 6 elements, the 7th element will give you results.

Do you know, we have helped many clients in creating a positive brand experience?