BigCommerce expands its stretch with B2B Enterprise Software

BigCommerce expands its stretch with B2B Enterprise Software

Key points:

  • BigCommerce is an Online SaaS platform with a built-in hosting service that allows established and fast-growing brands to build and customize eCommerce websites.
  • BigCommerce makes its foray specifically into the B2B sector.
  • With a new launch, BigCommerce is advancing its B2B functionalities to help B2B enterprise merchants enhance sales and customer management operations.
  • The new functionalities accelerate through an eCommerce integration partner, BundleB2B.

BigCommerce, a provider of cloud-based eCommerce software for the B2B and retail industry, is expanding its features to accommodate its B2B enterprise software to large-scale organizations.

The current BigCommerce enterprise platform provides sales features with seamless integration to the ERP systems.

The advanced edition expands these capabilities to streamline onboarding, support, and contract services.

BigCommerce built these additional feature set with the help of its technology partner BundleB2B.      

Businesses with complex operations can now run their operations for both B2B and B2C audiences through a single platform.

The U.S. B2B eCommerce transactions are expected to reach $1.8 trillion by 2023. Nearly 80% of B2B sales interactions are predicted to happen online by 2025.

The step taken by BigCommerce is to cater to this growing demand.

The B2B edition combines the speed and ease-of-use of the current BigCommerce platform with six pre-installed B2B themes. The themes help the B2B stores to get up and running quickly. Enabling developers to build freely with open API.

Merchants with multiple stores can combine them into one, whether or not the individual business uses the B2B functionalities.

“We are advancing B2B digital experiences through enterprise functionality, platform openness, and flexibility to enable a modernized eCommerce experience for B2B merchants and their customers,” said MaryAnn Bekkedahl, senior vice president of business development at BigCommerce.     

The New B2B edition delivers the following additional capabilities:

1) Create Account Hierarchy

B2B companies can now manage customer accounts with multiple users assigned under them. With specific roles and permissions like the senior buyer, junior buyer, and admin.

 You can manage this both with BigCommerce or an external CRM or an ERP system.

2) Sales Representative Impersonation

Sales representatives can log in on behalf of their customers, access their shopping list created, add products, and complete purchase order for them.

3) Create and Manage Quotes

B2B buyers can request quotes, browse the products they are looking for and add the list. Once the quote is ready, they can submit it to the sales rep assigned to their account.

The sales rep can browse through the quotes, create new ones, provide additional information and execute purchase orders all through the BigCommerce dashboards.

4) Shared Shopping List

Buyers or their assigned sales reps can create a shopping list for items that are repeatedly purchased.  

5) Order Pad

It allows buyers to upload a list of SKU and quantities they want in their cart through a CSV file or entering those SKUs through a pre-defined list. It saves time and effort for buyers by quickly adding their shopping list to the cart.

6) Invoice Portal

The invoice portal allows buyers to view, track, and pay invoices online. They can keep track of each buying detail and shipping charge. They can even pay online through the same portal with options such, payment in full, or even partial payments.


BigCommerce is a powerful and optimized B2B eCommerce platform. With the new launch of the new B2B edition and additional capabilities, BigCommerce has shown itself as an excellent partner for developing B2B eCommerce stores.