Best Strategies for B2B Sales Lead Generation

b2b sales lead generation

If you’ve ever tried B2B lead generation, you know it’s tough.

Businesses need a constant flow of incoming leads to keep their business growing. Not only do you have to generate new leads, but you also need to maintain good quality.

There’s no magic pill when it comes to B2B sales lead generation. There are specific steps that you need to follow to close the right deals. But there are various strategies that you could follow to get your B2B sales lead generation up and running.

This blog post highlights the best strategies for B2B sales lead generation. You can pick the one which works best for your business.

1. Utilize Google Search Engine

Google is the first place prospects go looking for information. Whether it’s a B2B audience or B2C, ranking top on google always benefits your business. When combined with web design and content marketing,

optimizing a B2B website significantly improves your chances of getting qualified leads. Since customer comes to you searching for your product. Determine the search intent of your customers in different buying stages and create content to address those pain points.

2. Using PPC Ads to Target Specific Buyers

When your research is strong enough to know who your ideal customer is, what specific pain points to solve, you can go ahead with PPC ads. here you can target specific users using various technologies. You can target a specific demographic, with a specific buying power. PPC ads help you gain rapid traction as it gives you immediate results. The best part of PPC ads is you have good control over the budget. Once you know spending a certain amount brings certain revenue, you can plan for the future.

3. Leverage Social-Media

As a B2B marketer, you may be thinking about ignoring social media. But social media is a great tool for brand building. If your competitors are on social media, it means you also need to make your presence felt. If you have content channels like youtube or blogging, you can use social media to drive traffic to these channels. You can even curate content in short and easily digestible form through social media. Today the prospects follow a multi-channel approach, so it’s important to have a presence on all the platforms.

4. Connect through Email Marketing

Email marketing is known to give the highest ROI among all marketing activities, especially for B2B companies. Segment your current audience into various categories and send them an email with new offers. If you do not have an email list, you can create ones with various strategies. Not all prospects will end up buying from you, but you can keep in touch with them through email marketing. So they’ll eventually turn into customers.

5. Create a Funnel with Content Marketing

Content is king and no digital marketing activity is complete without content. With content, you can target an audience at every stage in the buying cycle. The key to a successful content marketing strategy is defining your target audience, understanding their pain points, and creating content to solve those problems. Publish whitepapers and case studies to establish your credibility and authority in the industry. The content can also work as lead magnets to boost your lead generation efforts.

6. Use PR Authentically

PR is not about spraying some branding information about your business occasionally. If done right, you can build a relationship with the publishers. This helps you with SEO and eventually lead generation. The multimedia press uses images, videos, and links to draw attention. They are more engaging and the readers can connect with you through any of your digital properties. A prospect may stumble upon the news and later decide to visit your website, and from there you could begin your lead capturing process.

7. Online Reputation Management

Basically, everything you do on the internet as a brand affects your reputation. Capitalize on the content, client testimonials, and case studies to reflect the kind of work your company does. Create a system where it’s easier for you to receive online reviews and referrals. Incentivize your customers to share a positive word about your company. This way your customers could turn into promoters and improve your online reputation.


If you are struggling with B2B sales lead generation, you can use any of the strategies included here. The strategies mentioned above are good to begin your campaign but as you move forward you can branch out to more in-depth solutions. Not all these strategies may work out for your business. You need to choose the one right for your business. SEO, content, and email marketing are long-term strategies. They may take a few months to kick in. But PPC and social media ads can show you immediate results. So, if you are looking to boost your sales lead generation in the initial stages, you can go ahead with them.