B2B Marketers, this is how the LinkedIn Algorithm works!

B2B Marketers, this is how the LinkedIn Algorithm works

LinkedIn is booming! It is one of the most powerful marketing tools right now.

The world’s largest professional network has opened up a plethora of new opportunities for the B2B industry.

But, standing out among millions of people on LinkedIn is easier said than done.

Does that mean you need to put in the crazy effort? Yes, but that’s not all there is to it.

Without a sound strategy, it would turn out to be only a time drain. You need to understand the LinkedIn algorithm. Here’s how it works-


Source- Hootsuite


We all want to maximize the reach of our content. That’s the whole point of writing and publishing it in the first place.

LinkedIn uses many metrics to gauge the relevancy of your content; in short, it measures how relevant it is to your audience.

Your content is then made visible to a few people to start with, just to check the level of engagement it gets.

Now, this level of engagement decides if it would continue displaying your content to other people, or not.


The most important factors for writing content would be to use correct grammar, not tagging too many people, or using irrelevant hashtags.

LinkedIn encourages engagement. Don’t make your post look like a sermon, get people to respond. Ask questions!

The earlier the engagement begins, the better the reach.

If there’s good engagement on your post in the first two hours, it is more likely to perform better in the coming days.

But, if your post gets a meager response in the beginning, LinkedIn is not going to promote it further for you.


Source- LinkedInsights.com


Which time-zone is the majority of your audience most active at?

This is when you should be posting.  When you post on LinkedIn, make sure you’re engaging with other people’s content around the same time. Like, comment and spark conversations!

LinkedIn shows you content from people you’ve interacted with before or have worked together in the past.

It also takes into account the industry you’re into, the groups you have joined, and the pages you follow.

LinkedIn is all about engagement, the more you engage with other people’s content, the more engagement you’ll get on your own.


LinkedIn doesn’t want people to leave its platform. Instead of sharing a link directly, drop it in the comments.

LinkedIn favors unique content. You can reshare, but it’s always better to create new and original pieces of content.

Text format performs the best on LinkedIn, primarily because the audience tends to engage more with content packaged in text.

Be consistent. Posting regularly is the only way to step your game up! A good number of people don’t post consistently, so if you’re posting even twice a week, you’re automatically doing better than most.

LinkedIn prioritizes content that brings value to its audience. It is helping content go viral, unlike any other platform.

So, are you posting what you like, or are you putting effort into understanding what interests your audience?

This will decide if how far LinkedIn’s algorithm would take you and your content.