B2B Content Syndication for Prospecting and Generating Leads

B2B Content Syndication for Prospecting and Generating Leads


If you’re a B2B company, prospecting and generating leads is probably one of your biggest challenges. In fact, it’s the biggest challenge for B2B marketers in general: approximately 40% of them say it’s their biggest challenge. Getting leads for your company can be exhausting. It takes a lot of time, money and effort to generate a quality lead. And even then, the lead could be from an unqualified prospect. Lead acquisition is difficult to measure and it’s often the most challenging part of sales for B2B companies to get right.

There are hundreds of different B2B companies trying to get the attention of prospects within their industry. Daily, they keep asking several questions, seeking the right answers. “How do we get more people to see what we offer?” “How do we attract prospects to our business and increase their interest?” “How do we identify and cultivate potential customers for our business’s products or services?” “How do we get the attention of decision makers, who are busy and inundated with information from all over?” These are just some of the many questions B2B leaders ask regarding prospecting and lead generation.

When businesses are looking to grow their sales team, they need to find people who are willing to buy from them. This process is called “prospecting,” and it’s a critical part of any B2B company’s growth strategy. Lead generation on its end is a marketing approach focused on attracting prospective customers in order to build mailing lists and/or provide sales leads. The growing competition in the B2B industry has made lead generation and prospecting complicated.

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