Artificial Intelligence & The Marketing Edge

Artificial Intelligence & The Marketing Edge

Even though Artificial Intelligence is all about the replacement of human efforts, it will still lack ‘purpose’. Artificial Intelligence is now surfacing after so many years of intense discussions and proclamations. It is keenly observed that AI and other domains have evidently penetrated within every sector of life. Be it medical, education, fashion, technology or even services, AI has made its way through functionality or machine learning to help humans live easily. Even though the shift from humans to machines may have caused some unprecedented problems but have also built up overhauled systems in various sectors professionally. Considering the involvement of AI in all sectors, marketing serves to be an especially inclined domain of interest for AI.

A few sections of marketing where AI has become dominant are:

Marketing Social Listing
1. Social Listening

The art of listening to your audience doesn’t come naturally to brands. It is instilled by the brand managers who understand the seriousness of customer POV. When we talk about AI in social listening, the manual work is replaced by machine learning and all the online reputation or hear-say of a brand is captured, monitored and evaluated with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Sentiment Analysis
2. Sentiment Analysis

Considering the various opinion of the customers, they are bound to have different feedback about every product or service a brand offers. With the involvement of AI, it gets easy to gauge the outcome of every customer. Otherwise manually done, customer sentiment analysis was not only automated but also taken care of trough customer service with the help of machine learning.

Audience Targeting & Segmentation
3. Audience Targeting & Segmentation

It has always been a tedious task to manually bifurcate the target audience and segregate them into categories as per the need of a marketing campaign. The introduction of machine learning and data segregation through automation came as a blessing to all marketers. It has ever since helped them ideate and plan marketing campaigns as per a structured segmentation.

Speech Recognition
4. Speech Recognition

With technological advancements, even the basic functionality of search engines have upgraded. A regular search on a search engine usually was done over text. With automation in the picture, browsing and search result precision both perked up. The shift from manual search to voice recognition has made things seamless.

Customer Propensity Module
5. Customer Propensity Module

When a brand is known for its product or service, it is likely that customers tend to opt for that brand. Customer propensity speaks about the buying patterns of the end consumer. The customer journey is now clearly being influenced by various technological advances. Automation and machine learning has brought across constructive evolution in the face of marketing.

Artificial Intelligence surfacing after years of deliberation has brought a lot of advancement in every sector on the professional front. AI is the future in every segment of the market. While everyone fears AI, it is imperative that we understand that AI is a technology and it is for us to use it.