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Adapting your nurture program for the new modern millennial buyer.

Published on 21 June, 2023 | Author: Digitalzone

Economic uncertainty can make things tough. Buyers hold their budgets closer, becoming choosier about where they place their trust (and their money). The challenges aren’t just our imagination running wild, they’re backed up by data. 64% of C-suite executives are bracing for a tougher procurement process and 44% of decision-makers confess they’re less open to sales calls and marketing outreach. Clearly, the playbook needs to change. So, the big question is – does your lead nurturing program align with the shifting expectations of the modern B2B buyer?

Getting more intentional about nurture

Most companies have nurture programs for their incoming leads. But too often there is a ‘one size fits all’ mentality. There are numerous ways to segment lead data for advanced nurture programs. Here are a few low-hanging fruit opportunities:

Job function levels: Group your B2B leads by job function and level. Address specific concerns relevant to their roles, offering concise, strategic information for C-suite members.

Content interactions: Nurture your leads by continuing the story initiated in your lead generation campaign. If interactions wane, it might be an indication that more time on education or awareness is needed.

Sub-industry segmentation: Delineate larger B2B industries by segmenting sub-industries. This allows for advanced nurturing using sub-industry relevant case studies and content, rather than generic assets.

Great marketing isn’t just about targeted emails – it’s also about mindful segmentation.

Though personalization is always the goal, it’s not totally necessary when getting started. Focus on your most significant segments first. Utilize the same content but tailor the value proposition to match each group.

Creating value over noise

It’s important to remember to aim to deliver value, not just volume. Balance meeting your buyer’s needs without manipulating funnel progression. Fewer, but more meaningful engagements can be more impactful. This shift in focus benefits your leads and contributes to brand trust.

In a world cluttered with marketing messages, delivering quality interactions that genuinely address a prospect’s needs can cut through the noise. This isn’t about flooding inboxes, it’s about strategic, well-timed engagement that speaks directly to your buyer.


Consider these questions for yourself and your team:

  • Which segments should we prioritize for advanced nurturing?
  • Are we meeting our buyers’ needs with our current nurture content?

With advanced nurture programs that emphasize thoughtful segmentation and value, you can establish solid connections with your customers and more effectively nurture leads. This isn’t merely about keeping up with current trends. It’s about building a resilient marketing framework that stands strong in the face of change.

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