8 Places to Put Email Opt-in Forms On Your Website to Grow Your List

Email Opt-in Forms

List-building is an essential part of any B2B marketing campaign. But with so many different tools and tools out there, generating lists ten times faster than anyone else can be challenging.

However, with opt-in forms, you can make it easy for your readers to get on your list without bombarding them with unnecessary information.

Email opt-in forms are a great way to collect valuable leads. However, there are certain places you have to put opt-in forms on your website to get maximum results.

This blog covers:
  1. What are Email Opt-in Forms?
  2. Why Email Opt-in Forms are Important
  3. 8 Best Places to Put Your Email Opt-in Forms
  4. Making Your Email Opt-in Forms Conversion-friendly
  5. Conclusion

Let’s dive in!

#1. What are Email Opt-in Forms?

Email opt-in forms are a valuable part and the cornerstone of any list-building strategy. An email opt-in form is simply a way to collect an email address from someone who reads one of your emails.

Email opt-in forms are a great way to collect email addresses from a potential audience in the B2B space, whether you’re selling products or just want people to receive email updates on future blog posts.

#2. Why Email Opt-in Forms are Important

Email opt-in forms are very important for B2B companies. We live in an age where more people are emailing each day. That’s why it’s a very good idea to use opt-in forms in your email B2B marketing efforts.

Email opt-in forms are one of the best methods for building relationships and getting new customers for your business. They help to increase the business value of email marketing and help you convert more leads. They also help you acquire new customers, convert website visitors into leads, increase sales, and engage current customers effectively.

Essentially, email opt-in forms help you to collect information from prospects who want to take action on becoming clients.

#3. 8 Best Places to Put Your Email Opt-in Forms

8 Places to Put Email Opt-in Forms On Your Website to Grow Your List

The best way to grow your email list is by adding opt-in forms on your website. There are so many different ways you can do it, they vary depending on your niche. Generally, you can add them in the sidebar or footer and also below the fold of your content. The best places to put email opt-in forms on your website are:

#a. Homepage

One of the best places you can put your email opt-in forms is on the homepage of your website. Many marketers put it in the hero section of their website to ensure it is the first thing visitors see when they visit the website. Other marketers put their forms on other sections of the homepage. Regardless of where you put it, the homepage is one of the best places for growing your list on your website.

#b. Resources

The resources page is another creative place to insert your opt-in forms. This could be on a documentation page, a blog page, or a case study page. Having your form on these pages helps you get subscribers from those who visit your website to see what valuable resources you have for them.

#c. Footer

The footer opt-in form is one that is often overlooked, mostly because people think it doesn’t work. But the truth is, an opt-in form on the footer of any website is as effective as that on any other section of the website. With your form on the footer section, you will be able to turn visitors who scroll to the bottom of your website into subscribers.

#d. Popups

Popup forms are one of the most effective types of opt-in forms. Very effective. Aweber research shows that pop-up email opt-in forms are 1,300% more effective than sidebar email opt-in forms.

#e. Sidebar

Another place to grow your list on your website is your sidebar. Using sidebar opt-in forms can help you expand your email list in a subtle, yet effective way. Sidebar opt-in forms can be used anywhere on your site in order to generate leads, converting each page into a lead generation opportunity. This works well if you don’t want to disturb your visitors with pop-ups.

#f. Landing page

A landing page is one of the best places to put your opt-in form. With the help of a lead magnet (like a free whitepaper), a landing page can convert users into subscribers. Landing pages are used by marketers to inspire visitors to share their personal information with them while providing value in return. A landing page opt-in form can help grow your list and increase conversion.

#g. Blog post page

While other businesses are putting their opt-in forms on other pages, you can decide to put yours in your blog posts. You can put it before the post, in the middle, or at the end of your post. An opt-in form in your post is a great way to make readers subscribe and come back for more. By subscribing while consuming your content, readers are signing up to receive more valuable content your company creates.

#h. About page

On your website, your About page is one of the most visited pages because that is where people learn more about your business. Potential subscribers on your About page are already interested in learning more about why your company exists. Adding an opt-in form on this page will help you connect with your visitors and make them join your list because they want to know more.

#4. Making Your Email Opt-in Forms Conversion-friendly

If you don’t want your potential subscribers to leave your website without joining your list, then you need to make your opt-in forms conversion-friendly. The best way to make your email opt-in forms conversion-friendly is by testing them. This include:

  • Ensuring your opt-in form is responsive on all devices
  • Trying different headlines and descriptions for your forms
  • Adding only relevant fields to your opt-in forms
  • Testing how many people you can reach with a given subject line
  • Adding a checkbox to get permission to contact your subscribers
  • Testing how much time it takes for people to act on your forms, and how long they stay on your website once they’ve acted

#5. Conclusion

Email marketing is one of the most important forms of marketing to use if you want to grow your business in the B2B space. It’s also one of the most difficult forms of marketing to be effective in. However, with the conversion-friendly opt-in form placed in the right place on your website, everything can become easier.

You need to put your opt-in form in the right place and make it conversion-friendly so that you can build your email list and get more information about them before they take action on your offer. The more well-positioned and personalized your forms are, the better.

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