6 Hacks To Get Your B2B Content Syndication To Work Like Magic


If you’re a seasoned demand generation marketer, it’s almost certain that you’ve been burned by content syndication programs at some point.

What’s the problem with Content Syndication?

Despite the fact that content syndication has long been recognised as a critical channel for B2B marketing, many of us believe that we are wasting our time and resources by participating in it.

6 issues that plague content syndication efforts
These include: 

  1. Data quality/ integrity is suspect
  2. The cost of syndication is high
  3. Scalability of the campaigns is iffy
  4. Pipeline targets are not met
  5. Marketing budgets are squandered
  6. Sales credibility is sullied

This is unacceptable
This can and must be resolved.

You can improve the effectiveness of your content syndication techniques and make them far more useful for your demand generation efforts by implementing a Precision Demand Marketing strategy. 

Think about how you might be able to streamline and connect your content syndication efforts across multiple channels, while also nurturing your customers throughout their purchasing journey.

Here is an explanation of what Precision Demand Marketing is and how it can assist you in making better sense of things. 

Precision Demand Marketing is when marketers concentrate on meeting buyers where they are in their buying journey and on their terms, rather than using a traditional sales-driven account-based marketing strategy to accomplish this goal.

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The article is about 6 hacks for maximising the effectiveness of content syndication for demand generation marketing.

  1. Make your distribution process more efficient
  2. Protect 100% marketable data
  3. Ascertain dollar-for-dollar return on investment
  4. Personalize lead volume
  5. Match data with personas
  6. Identify the most appropriate technologies

#1. Make your distribution process more efficient

What exactly does this mean? 

As a demand marketing professional, you may be under the impression that there are simply too many options to consider. 

The simple act of determining which ones are the most appropriate for your organisation can be a difficult task.

In order to compensate for this, you may spend a significant amount of time performing manual tasks. 

  1. Evaluate every publisher in the market
  2. Determine whether they meet your ideal customer profile (ICP)

But this isn’t absolutely necessary. 

It is possible to streamline the process and ensure that you only pay for leads which are relevant to your campaigns by using a variety of powerful tools.


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#2. Protect your marketable data

Lead acceptance and viability are determined using the appropriate software. The viability of the leads is then evaluated.

You will have to validate, standardise, qualify, and route data in a way that leads to the specifications you require. 

This keeps your database clean. It also provides new insights to assist your sales team in their daily activities.

The content syndication strategy can come to nought if you have a sales team that’s scarred by previous content syndication efforts. 

You have to  maintain a positive relationship with sales leadership to tide this over.

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#3. Assess a dollar-for-dollar ROI

Lead duplication is very likely in the event that you have a well-developed content syndication programme with a number of different publishers. 

Due to the inherent flaws in the manual processes, it is inevitable that duplicate leads will fall through the cracks of your vetting process.

As long as the software is properly configured, it will reject duplicate leads and leads that fall outside the campaign’s scope immediately after being received.


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#4. Personalise lead volumes

Today’s marketing requires the ability to be adaptable, agile, and responsive. 

If you don’t have access to technology, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to identify compelling reasons to increase your spending with high-performing publishers.

An intelligent software system can automatically adjust lead volume in response to changes in budgetary allocations, business objectives, and adjustments to organisation-wide strategic objectives.


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#5. Increase contacts with current accounts

Through third-party data collection, the right system can go above and beyond traditional account-based marketing. 

You must actively identify more contacts within your current accounts.

Plus, obtain opt-ins for additional communications once the right lead has been qualified and activated.

When working with strategic customers, it can also help to ensure that the data matches the criteria for your personas. 

You can then use this information to activate and nurture leads across all of your marketing channels and platforms.

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#6. Identify the most appropriate technologies

The use of content syndication is an important marketing channel, but our strategies must be updated to reflect the realities of today’s world.

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Content syndication must be made to work for us, rather than against us, in order for it to be effective.


Here are some suggestions for ensuring that only relevant leads are purchased. 

  1. Marketable data should be protected 100 percent, and a dollar-for-dollar return should be guaranteed. In the event that your sales team has been sceptical of previous attempts, you can employ the content syndication strategy.
  2. Smart software can automatically adjust lead volume in response to changes in budgets, business objectives, and organisational goals, among other factors. 
  3. The right system can identify more contacts than simply using ABM because it uses third-party data collection. 
  4. When working with strategic customers, the data can also be tailored to match your criteria for personas

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