5 Underlooked Ways To Generate Leads For B2B Companies

5 Underlooked Ways To Generate Leads For B2B Companies

Your number one priority should be to generate leads that are impressive in terms of both quantity and quality.

A good lead generation engine keeps the sales funnel full of potential customers even when the business owner is busy elsewhere.

It’s difficult to determine which parts of a lead generation campaign need fine-tuning to maximise effectiveness.

Continue reading to learn the most effective strategies for increasing leads and revenues.

As marketers, it is our job to convince people that they need what we are selling to them.

How can we simplify this process as much as possible?

If you want something from potential customers, you need to provide them something of value in exchange for what you want from them.

This blog covers:
  1. Tap into human nature
  2. Let others do the talking
  3. Focus on the pain points
  4. Be a thought leader
  5. Know the influencers
  6. Summary

Let’s discover the 5 ways to generate leads successfully.


#1. Embrace That Which Makes Us Human

When a deal is exclusive, hard to get by, or in particularly high demand, it tends to skyrocket in desirability.
It is possible to overcome the friction associated with a lead by offering compelling elements like white papers, free trials, memberships, sales specials, or downloads

People have to have the impression that the worth of what you’re offering is more than what you’re asking for in exchange from them.

The perception of value is directly correlated to the attractiveness of an offer.

What are some things that people who read your blog find to be helpful?

Keep this at the forefront of your mind at all times while you are formulating the terms of your offers.


#2. Listen To What Other People Have To Say

You are familiar with the concept of the bandwagon effect.

The desire for humans to imitate one another is ingrained in our species.

We tend to copy other people in our social circle because we enjoy belonging to social communities and tribes.

In what ways can you put this information to use in your marketing?

One of the most effective ways to increase the value of a deal is to demonstrate that other people are taking advantage of it.

The proof is in the numbers: wherever possible, state the number of purchasers, downloaders, registrants, or donors.

Here are some examples:

  1. Demos of products or webinars

    More than 40,000 people have registered for our webinars

  2. Blog registrations

    Join over 170,000 people who get fresh content from our blog – Happy and pleased customers

  3. Satisfied and joyful patrons

    Our software product is trusted by over 750 healthcare organisations in 48 different states.

  4. Downloads of products and registrations

    Our product has been downloaded over 4 million times.

Just remember to double check that your claims are not just correct but also credible.

According to psychological research, our minds are not predisposed to understand concepts of excessively great magnitude.

We might not fully understand concepts or words such as “6,000 percent” or “a billion,” which are off the charts.

It doesn’t matter how impressive your data is. If your audience can’t connect with it, then it won’t have any impact on them.


#3. Pay Attention To The Problem Areas

What problem or question is bringing people to your website?

Is it that the company’s technology stack obsolete?

Are they experiencing problems, or needs, or fears, or frustrations that can be alleviated by using your product or service?

What aspects of looking for a different answer cause them the most difficulty?

An in-depth familiarity with your target audience is the foundation of effective marketing.

Pay attention to their pain points, as this will boost their interest in what you have to offer.

As you learn more about your target audience’s needs, you’ll be able to create deals that solve their issues.

Free ebooks, reports, and papers on various topics should be shared, and video series should be promoted.

It is important to keep in mind that the people you are trying to sell to are not interested in hearing how wonderful you are.

They are curious about how wonderful you are… for them.

Please be clear. Discuss topics that are of interest to the audience.

Explain the benefits, as well as the positive outcomes and problems that can be resolved.

Instead of focusing on your product’s features, focus on the outcomes you want your customers to achieve.

Instead of saying: “Our product provides financial insight”, you could say “Find out exactly where your money is spent”.


#4. Become A Thought Leader

How can you distinguish the value that you provide from that of your competitors?

Put your attention on the things that set you apart from everyone else and the reasons why your approach is superior.

Make use of one of your most valuable resources, which is the collective knowledge of your team.

You have the opportunity to provide something of exceptional value; therefore, you should share what you already know.

Explain your product as if your audience is a five-year-old.

Describe your offering as if it were being read by Bill Gates.

You will communicate with people who are in various stages of the purchasing process, or buyer journey.

Some are completely knowledgeable, while others are just getting started on their journey.

It is essential that the people in your target market view you as a credible source of information in order for you to be successful.

To be successful, you must be viewed as a credible source of information by your target market.

So roll with variety: product brochures, discussing the industry, recent news topics, areas of concern, highlights, and the future.

This method will not only build a social media following, but also an email list of subscribers if you have a blog.


#5. Get To Know The Influencers

You will start to recognise a few well-known people after devoting some of your time to promoting your expertise across various social channels.

These individuals have a significant impact.

Pay attention! Take notes on what they say, join in on the conversations they start, and try to build a rapport.

This will increase the likelihood that they will share your blog post, invite you to co-host a webinar, or collaborate with you at a future conference.

Caution is advised. In order to market your product, you must first establish yourself as a thought leader in the industry.

You have access to a variety of useful tools that can be of assistance to you in this situation.

You might want to try FollowerWonk. BuzzSumo is another useful tool for finding potential third-party partners, guest bloggers, speakers, and influencers. Ninja Outreach and BuzzStream will find and help you reach out to influencers.

SEMRush provide a social media tracker tool where users can add their own social media accounts and domains to track their performance.


#6. Summary

Even when the owner is busy, a good lead generation engine keeps the sales funnel full of potential customers.

Embracing “What Makes Us Human” and listening to others are effective ways to generate B2B leads.

With more knowledge of your target audience’s issues, you can create deals that address them. Examine topics of interest to the audience.

Free ebooks, reports, and papers should be shared, as should video series.

Do comment on the industry, recent newsworthy events, issues and the future.

Build relationships with influencers so they will share your blog posts.

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