5 Strategies to Increase Blog Traffic

5 Strategies to Increase Blog Traffic

Successful blogs don’t come with an instruction manual (hope they did right?). So, how do you write blogs that are just spectacular and nowhere near the dangerous line of mediocrity where they wait forever to be discovered?

Sure, there is plenty of content but it’s not that difficult to cut through the clutter and make it on the top of the list of the best performing blogs. All you need to do is do your thing and include these strategies to skyrocket your blog traffic-


1. Believe in the power of Blogging

Before you even start writing your blog, know that it has the power to shift the entire course of your business. Don’t write this blog just for the sake of it. Always write every single piece of your content like it’s going to be your biggest hit. Do your research and keep rewriting those words until they cannot just be written any better!

2. Get the Headline right

This is a pretty archaic concept in a way. We all know that most people won’t go through your article if the headline fails to charm them. One thing is, say no to clickbait, it’s not really worth it. Create killer headlines that will make your readers read your blog right away- keeping it short, sweet and relevant.

3. Identify trends

People want to know what’s new, what’s trending. Identify the market trends in your industry and create content around it. This way, you’ll get more visitors and here we are not just talking about mere visitors, here we are talking about people who are related to your industry and are far more likely to do business with you. When you give them what they need, these visitors become your cult followers.


4. Craft Powerful CTAs

At the end of each blog, add a CTA that will make people subscribe to your blog. To give you an idea, it has to be designed in a way that will make people feel that they don’t really want to miss out on the next update. If you want better results, create a separate landing page for your blog subscriptions as well- this can be used to bring more traffic to your website.

5. Commit to Mastery

Do all that it takes to be the best in your industry. Put in the extra hours to learn all that others don’t know yet. Be better. The thing about blogging is, every writer has a different style, accentuate that style. Why? Because most times the visitors don’t just come to read a thousand words on your website, they come for you.


All in all

There’s a reason we blog- to grow our business. Most businesses are blogging but how many of those are actually making sales and driving traffic from it? If you want more, it’s time you stop being random with your blogging efforts and build a strategy that gets you the results you deserve. Don’t settle just yet!