5 Steps to Get Started with ABM

5 Steps to Get Started with ABM

Account-based marketing is all about harnessing marketing’s ability to land big deals, the key target accounts that your business has been looking for all this while.

It takes substantial time and effort to close a new account but, you can achieve so much more if you align your efforts in one direction and not have it scattered around. Yes, we’re talking about a smart digital marketing mix here!

Without wasting any time, let’s dive into how to get started with ABM!

Generate Quality Leads

Ideal Customer Profile

Identifying ICP is the first crucial step to generate demand, especially among your key accounts. Know the accounts you want to convert. Understand what these people do, their challenges at work, and how to connect with them on a deeper level. Study customer behavior, not just online, but offline too. 

Explore the past deals you’ve closed and how it panned out. It’s imperative to evaluate the ones that you couldn’t get through, so you know what precisely you have to work on to drive better results.

Personalized Communication

Personalized Messaging is the key to Account-Based Marketing.  Your content needs to get in front of the right people, and they need to feel that you’re communicating with them directly, and not casting a wide net to catch as many people as you can.

As a business, you can’t make the mistake of not having a unified marketing approach. Consistent messaging across all channels with the same goal is what helps you close accounts faster.

Assist the people who are coming to your site. Use the right message to ease their discomfort right before making a purchase.

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Result Oriented

The success of an ABM strategy depends to a great extent on measurement and optimization. This is how you keep the closing streak alive!

With a laser-focused marketing approach and zeroing in on target accounts, you can considerably reduce the CPL and close many more accounts with the same budge than you possibly could.

ABM will get more businesses on your radar, even the ones you were not previously aware of. All you need to do is invest your time on a specific set of target accounts and reposition your brand for these segments or verticals.


For your ABM strategy to work, you need to keep your sales and marketing teams on the same page across all the critical touchpoints. This is the only way you can give your customers the brand experience they expect from you.

It’s more important now more than ever for sales and marketing to work toward a common goal because the goal is common indeed- More leads and more conversions.

With the two teams working in a collaborative environment, send personalized messages, map account sales territory, and filter out companies so both the teams can focus on the key accounts first, and more importantly, together.

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Conversational Marketing

Your customers want you to start a conversation. It’s imperative to have more conversations and that too sooner with the people coming to your website and engaging with your content on social. This way, you generate more leads and convert your priority accounts.

Track who’s coming to your website, and then personalize the buying experience for them. Get the lead response time faster, and allow them to connect with the sales team just when the time is right. Your ABM plan should support the customer journey.

Ask yourself- is what I’m communicating with my audience contextually relevant? If not, it’s time to reconsider your strategy.

One Last Bit

The strategies should be executed in a way that makes the overall experience more personal for your prospects as well as customers. Your marketing should cater to only a specific audience. With a laser-focused approach, filter out invalid leads as soon as possible, and accelerate engagement with the accounts that matter.

Thanks to the internet, your prospects easily find what they are looking for at the click of a button. This gives your brand a strong reason to build a robust online presence, so they discover you where it matters the most.

It’s imperative to choose the right tone while communicating with your audience, no matter the channel. Create ads that convert and engage your audience.

We, at Digitalzone, do the heavy lifting for our clients and make it easier for them in every way imaginable. So, let’s shorten the sales cycle, enhance UX, and improve ROI!