4 Ways of Generating High Quality Leads

4 Ways of Generating High Quality Leads

In the Attention Economy, you don’t want to find your customers; you want your customers to find you. With the unprecedented changes in the buying process, your audience wants their attention earned.

For starters, marketers need to strategize, keeping the human side of their prospects in mind. Understand how they are interacting with your brand at all levels, and generating qualified leads will no longer be a herculean task.

We focus not just on the numbers but, even more on the quality. If you have 1000 leads and none of them are sales-ready, what’s the point? So here are 4 ways to get more of those high quality leads that convert-

1. Nurture and Manage your leads

It’s not pragmatic to think your leads are ready to buy from you just because you’re ready to sell. As per Marketo, on average, 50% of the leads in any system are not yet ready to buy! Now, what?

The best way is to give your communication strategy another look, a deep stare. Your communication should guide the leads down the funnel, addressing all their problems and providing the right solutions.

2. Don’t be slow!

Sometimes the opportunities knock at your door, but you take too long to respond. And then, the opportunities go knock at your competition’s door just to find their door open.

You think you reply the same day and that’s fast? Think again. A day is a hell lot of time for your interested prospects to get interested in someone else, someone who responds in time.

3. MOFu Marketing

Once you get leads in your funnel, with your marketing tactics you need to convert awareness into conversion. These leads are well aware but they need to get something from you that will assure them that you are worth the time, effort and money. This is Middle of the Funnel Marketing.

Your marketing strategies at this point should be directed to engage your leads the way the want to be engaged.

4. Create Buyer Personas

In order to understand how to communicate with your leads, you need to understand each of your audience segments as well as you can. This will help you tailor the methods you’re using to reach out to them.

Irrelevant messages won’t help your marketing but the right message to the right audience has the potential to change everything.

Sometimes the answer lies not in knowing what all you are doing but knowing what you’re not doing. There you will find the missing clue that helps you put all the pieces together.