4 Sales Hacks To End 2019 With A Bang


Monthly sales goal is one thing, and the yearly sales target is yet another.  An Olympic medal isn’t earned in a day, athletes prepare day in and day out to get there and sales is just the same. Want to be on the top? You need to work on and refine your sales strategy ceaselessly to be exceptional.

The year is ending soon, but have you achieved your yearly sales target? If yes, why not surpass it? Overachievement doesn’t hurt business goals! In case you aren’t there yet, this is the opportunity for you. Here are the sales hacks to go for-

1. Build a strong Team

Building a strong team

Great alone, better together! A-players are what you need to improve your sales. But that’s not all to it, you need to foster a winning sales culture to be a winner in the market.  The point is – salespeople work great when they have some autonomy so give them that. Allow them to be themselves. Try to encourage healthy competition and motivate your team for all the right reasons!

2. The 3 Cs of Sales Success

If you understand creativity, consistency and compassion- you understand sales better than most others. The best salespeople don’t stick to one way of doing things, they keep experimenting- tweaking strategies and following the natural conversational flow knowing that each person they talk to is different.

They know that consistency is everything, you need to keep learning and keep getting better, giving your best shot each day. When it comes to compassion, it is that one quality which is common among most great salespeople- step into your customer’s shoes and try to understand things from their point of view.

3. Leverage Social Selling

Social Media Selling

Social media can prove to be a topnotch platform for sales if you attract the right people and deliver the value they expect from you. For B2B businesses, you need to come off as professional yet approachable. It’s logical, your prospect won’t buy until they are ready (they don’t care about your sales target) but you need to keep them in your sales funnel so when they want to buy, they buy from you. Social media will help you do just that, keeping them engaged and interested.

4. Create a Viral Loop

This is about creating customers who create more customers for you, as simple as that. For businesses that want to make it big and want their growth curve to be exponential, designing a viral loop can be the answer. Virality is not always about luck, smart planning can help your business go viral too- just that it is not about getting a million views on video one time but about building a brand and creating a legacy!

Passion is the word. This is what drives salespeople to do all that they do- with passion, the sky’s the limit. Without passion, it’s just another job.