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2024 demand gen marketing trends worth testing.

Published on 25 January, 2024 | Author: Digitalzone

New year, new you, right? 

Sure, maybe you’ll hit the gym or start sleeping at 8pm. We don’t really care. 

What we do care about in 2024: testing out new marketing trends. Maybe you’ll embrace short-form content on platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels for impactful returns. Or, discover the world of interactive engagement with quizzes, polls, and augmented reality. 

2024 is a groundbreaking year for marketing, and staying still is not just not an option. So take a look at our list, pick one, and head into the new year with a new tool on your belt.

The Rule of Hyper-Personalization 

Rule 1: people want personalization. They want to feel like they’re uniquely seen and heard. Consumers are smart enough to suss out when campaigns are authentic and tailored to them – and when they’re lazy or targeted to the masses.

If you think you can fake time and personalization efforts – don’t. Instead, start rolling up your sleeves to analyze customer data. 

With the vast amount of data available from various touchpoints, brands can create hyper-personalized marketing strategies where content, product recommendations and advertisements are customized for each individual consumer. This could include personalized email campaigns, website experiences and targeted advertising.

AI is here to stay

Love it or hate it, AI is here to stay. These tools are not a gimmick – and if you look beyond fear – they can be your new teammate.

AI tools can help with marketing personalization and targeting, content creation, emotional intelligence and just about anything else on your daily task list. And get with it quickly, because the use of AI is the next frontier in B2B marketing. 

AI is a general tech, but specific tools matter. There’s data analysis programs, content generation help, and email apps. AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants can help brands engage with consumers in real time, answering questions and guiding purchasing decisions. These conversations provide a seamless and personalized experience, increasing customer satisfaction and, as a result, conversions.

Still with us?

Video Marketing And Short-Form Content Dominate

If you can honestly say you haven’t been influenced to purchase something you’ve seen on a video…, you are lying. Or in a tiny minority.

Video marketing’s dominance has been amplified — and will continue to grow in 2024 — by the rise of platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts. Short-form videos are easily digestible (and align with the shortening attention spans of modern audiences.) Brands that leverage this content strategy for storytelling, product launches and customer testimonials are seeing a big increase in their ROI. 

Get touchy with Interactive Content

As an extension of the buzz around hyper personalization, interactive content will dominate in 2024. Think quizzes, polls, surveys and augmented reality – these methods of new marketing allow customers to actively engage with your brand. 

Interactive content results in a high engagement rate and helps in lead generation and brand awareness, too. Plus – they’re fun for you to develop and fun for the customer to engage with. Moving beyond static content can engage B2B audiences more effectively and provide valuable data for personalized marketing efforts.

ABM through predictive analytics

ABM. You’ve heard of it. ABM offers customers looking for individual attention and personalized solutions that they want. ABM caters to this through data, analytics and personalized messaging that ultimately drives stronger relationships for the long term.

But it’s 2024 and we’re evolving. The next wave of ABM involves even more targeted and personalized approaches by leveraging AI for predictive analytics and using more channels for personalized communication.

The Bottom Line: 2024 is Trending. Will you keep up?

The future is here, and 2024 will be a big year for marketing trends like short video marketing and AI-based solutions. Whether you’ve tested any of these trends for your brand or not, they’re certainly worth considering and can elevate your content to new heights — and give the people what they want.