10 Secrets To Leverage Your Precious Content For Results In 2022

10 Secrets To Leverage Your Precious Content For Results In 2022

Content Marketing helps you create brand visibility, optimize search engine rankings, and engage with your audience.

How many of us know that 84% of people want brands to fulfil their content demands by engaging and enhancing their lives?

The majority of customers prefer to learn about products through content instead of ads.

Although it is possible to organise all aspects of content marketing (including strategy and production), it can be difficult to organise all aspects of marketing campaigns (including measurement and optimisation).

This is when you may find it necessary to make use of content marketing platforms. Platforms that lend oomph to your content.

Which platforms should you employ?

This article walks you through 10 of the most effective content marketing tools that can help you achieve great results.

  1. What is Content Marketing?
  2. Why do we use Content Marketing?
  3. Top 10 Content Marketing Platforms
  4. Conclusion

Let’s first understand why we use this method in marketing.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a technique that attracts, engages, educates, and nurtures prospects to the sale.

Brands use content strategically to do all this.

Marketers develop and share relevant articles, case studies, testimonials, reviews, whitepapers, eBooks, videos, podcasts, and other marketing material.

When you maximize the distribution of your content, you reach more people who are interested in your product, or service.

The increase in awareness finally translates to the increase in leads.

This technique creates expertise, increases brand awareness, and keeps your brand on the top of the mind of your customers.

The customers recall your brand at the time of purchase in your category.

#1. Why Do We Use Content Marketing?

For the simple reason that it is effective.

Content marketing provides an important way for customers to connect with your brand.

When you read a well-written blog post, or a case study, or for that matter any good content, it stays with you.

You tend to build a connection with the brand, over time.

If your brand provides high value content, people want to know more about your brand, and your work.

As a result, the analytics will improve. You will end up getting more leads, followers, views, conversions, etc.

As per research conducted by Content Marketing Institute, over 91 percent of B2B companies use content marketing.

More than half of the 9 percent who aren’t using content marketing plan to implement content marketing in the future.

As a result, given the overwhelming majority of businesses that consider content marketing to be critical to their objectives.

While many businesses create great content, the problem is that all do not know how to maximize its distribution and leverage it effectively.

This is where the content platforms come into play.

They enhance your brand’s online visibility.

#2. Top 10 Content Marketing Platforms

In 2022, which will be the best content marketing platform for your business?

Interested in finding out which content marketing software is best?

Read on to find 10 of the most popular ones in the industry today.

1. Semrush adds teeth to your content

SEMrush is one of the most effective content platforms in the business.

It helps you discover new content ideas, keywords, and more.
After you’ve chosen a topic, you can craft a marketing plan and work with your team. Your content can also be tracked in real-time.

Semrush adds teeth to your content

Is there more?

SEMRush helps you determine how well optimised the content is, as you write it with the help of the SEO Writing Assistant.

What’s more, SEMRush can also be used for evaluating your competition. What their traffic is, what their backlinks are, where they get these from, and more.

In addition, the tool allows you to track mentions, evaluate results, and assess and enhance your content, among other things.

2. HubSpot manages and market your content

HubSpot is a tool for inbound marketing and content distribution; it also helps you with sales and CRM (customer relationship management).


Marketers can use it to create quality content, target customers, and manage their contact lists more efficiently.

3. Get Social markets and analyzes your content

Get Social is one of the most effective tools for content distribution as well as content performance monitoring and analysis.

Its ability to monitor dark social media shares of your content is a key feature that distinguishes it from other platforms.

Dark social shares is a metric that most other tools do not track.

Get Social

It also includes an automated content distribution solution that assists you in effectively disseminating content on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Additionally, the tool tracks the return on investment for each piece of content and assists you in concentrating on high-performing content.

This is a single tool that can assist you in optimising your entire content strategy and strategy.

4. StoryChief helps you create content across multiple channels

Among the most effective content marketing tools available, StoryChief assists content teams in the making, management, and publication of multi-channel content across a variety of channels.


In addition, you can create a content calendar and schedule your content publication.

It can also monitor and assess the performance of your content across all of its distribution channels.

5. Outbrain helps your content reach more prospects

It is one of the most efficient discovery and content marketing tools available.

Outbrain help with content syndication. This is getting your content placed where your audience gathers.


To make your content relevant and effective, Outbrain uses information gleaned from demographic, lookalike, geographic, and interest group analyses.

This tool assists publishers in optimising the content they create. It brings marketers and publishers together on a single platform for the first time.

6. RockContent helps you create better content and measure its impact

The data science technology used by RockContent assists users in creating high-quality content.

It assists businesses in managing the entire content life cycle, from planning to creating to distributing to measuring the impact of their content.


The ability to optimise your content strategy makes it one of the best content marketing tools available.

It is a SaaS platform that makes use of big data to assist you in improving campaign management, in-venue engagement, live events, content syndication, and other aspects of your business.

7. Curata helps you curate high-quality content

Curata is a service that provides content curation software. It assists you in exploring high-quality content.

Furthermore, it learns from your selections and serves better and more relevant content over time to you.

This content management system has the capability of performing a content audit on demand if necessary.


It can review the effect of your content and sales pipeline.

It may even be able to assist you in simplifying your content creation process and developing a content distribution network.

You can utilise it to improve the effectiveness of your content strategy.

The software service enables you with the creation, distribution, management, and performance analysis of your content, among other things.

You can also use A/B testing to determine the impact of different design options on your business.

8. Prezi helps you present your content

This is a presentation software service that is hosted in the cloud.

It breathes new life into drab presentation slides by injecting humour and originality.


Presenters can easily zoom in and out, as well as pan from left to right and vice versa, on their slides.

As a result, it is considered one of the most effective content marketing tools available.

You can show the slides from a variety of perspectives, giving your presentation a cinematic appearance. It also includes a large number of templates.

9. Percolate helps you distribute and leverage your content

This is one of the most effective marketing platforms for businesses.

It provides content management, brand management, and social media management services, among other things.


Its content planning and campaign management tools help you effectively coordinate content across all markets, channels, and team members.

It also aids in the analysis of marketing campaigns. Additionally, this tool can assist you in improving your content strategy.

10. SnapApp helps with interactive content

A popular business content platform, SnapApp is one of the most prominent platforms available. It can assist you in the creation of interactive content.


Its drag-and-drop functionality enables users to quickly and easily create a variety of different types of engaging content without the need for coding knowledge or experience.

#3. Conclusion

What you have just learned is that there are platforms for creating, curating, distributing and measuring the impact of your brand content.

You need to choose what you need most.

If your problem is in creation then the right tools would be curation and competitive analysis.

When the problem is distributing, then content syndication platforms help.

If it’s to measure the impact of your content then there are platforms for that too.

You can always experiment with different tools and tweak your strategies in order to accomplish optimal results.

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