What Is B2B Content Syndication And Why Is It So Important?

As marketers, we’re constantly looking for ways to reach a wider audience.

Digital marketing has certainly made it a lot simpler. But with so many different methods and fancy-sounding names floating around you are bound to be confused.

One of the latest and very popular buzzwords in the world of digital marketing is Content Syndication

In this article, we explore:

  1. What Is Content Syndication?
  2. Picture This Scenario…
  3. Think About These Stats…
  4. The Top 5 Reasons Content Syndication Works
  5. Content Syndication Is Great. But… 
  6. The Importance Of An Integrated Marketing Campaign
  7. Content Syndication Platforms You Can Trust

What Is Content Syndication?

By definition, content syndication means republishing the same piece of content in one or more different places.

Ever noticed an article with a disclaimer on top: This article was first published on XYZ website?

Source: Medium.com

This is the perfect example of an article that has been republished or syndicated on a popular website to drive traffic back to the original website.

You will find a lot of articles on Medium.com and LinkedIn Pulse mentioning this. 

Content syndication is one of the most popular and effective content marketing techniques.

A variation of Content Syndication, known as programmatic advertising, is a form of paid content syndication.

Picture This Scenario…

You run an offline store selling t-shirts. Yours is the store at the corner of a not-so-busy lane. 

The t-shirts you sell are made of the softest fabric, have the coolest colors and the best possible prints. 

You display them proudly. Sure that anyone who sees them won’t be able to resist buying. 

Yet, you’re unable to sell more than a few each month.

Now imagine a friend who owns 5 stores at the busiest locations in town offering to display your t-shirts at their store. 

And directing customers interested in buying your t-shirts to your store.

Wouldn’t that be a dream-come-true?

Imagine hundreds of customers flocking to your store every day. 

Imagine yourself selling out faster than ever before. 

Visualize yourself making profits you never thought you could. 

All thanks to your generous friend who offered to promote your merchandise at their store.

That’s exactly how content syndication works, online.

Think About These Results…

Your website gets 100 visitors a day. 

Which means, if you publish a piece of content on your website, it has a chance of getting a maximum of 100 views per day.

If you publish your content on 5 different websites each getting 100 views per day, you can maximize your views to 500 a day. 

As simple as that.

Why wouldn’t you want to do it?

David Crane, VP, Marketing at Intensify, admitted in this article on cmswire.com that their content syndication solution generated five times more revenue in 2020 than in 2019.

And Intensity is definitely not the only one to reap the fruits of B2B content syndication. You too can.

Content syndication is recommended regularly by experts.

The Top 5 Reasons Content Syndication Works

Here they are:

  1. Meet your audience where they are
  2. Generate brand awareness
  3. Attract targeted traffic easily
  4. Get valuable backlinks
  5. Build trust with your audience

Each of these is explained below.

#1 Meet your audience where they are
As marketers, we spend SO MUCH of our time trying to attract our target audience. 

For a change, why not go and meet them where they already are?

What would be easier? 

Getting 100 new people to visit your website everyday to read that epic article you just published? Or republishing your epic article on a site that already attracts 500 interested readers every day?

That latter, obviously.

Which is exactly why content-syndication must be on top of your content marketing strategy list.

#2 Generate brand awareness
As business owners, you obviously understand the importance of networking. 

Networking with the right people can land you recognitions and opportunities you’d otherwise spend a lot of time earning on your own.

Content syndication works in a similar way.

By publishing your content on an already popular platform you are more likely to get targeted traffic your way.

#3 Attract targeted traffic easily
When it comes to driving traffic to the website, SEO and paid ads is the #1 route most people take. It works. 

But the problem is, you cannot really filter out the traffic you get via these sources.

Content syndication, in a way, lets you filter your traffic. Here’s how.

  1. You republish your content on a site that attracts the kind of audience you are interested in
  2. Out of these, only those interested in your article will click back to your website.

If you monitor and analyze the quality of traffic to your website via content syndication, you can easily build a winning strategy over time.

#4 Get valuable backlinks
Ask any SEO expert and they will tell you how important backlinks are

Backlinks from a website with a high page rank are great. 

And if you score a backlink from a website with a high page rank and from the same industry as yours, you’ve hit gold.

Join the dots and you’ll know that content syndication is the best way to achieve all this.

#5 Build trust with your audience
We all agree that in order to run a successful business, networking is important. Unless people know you, how will they ever like or trust you?

Who’d you trust more? A vendor you met down the street? Or someone recommended by a friend you already trust?

The same goes for your content.

Content syndication is like making your content hangout with the cool kids. It is inevitable that others will notice you. 

Plus, you can finally land that deal you’ve always wanted to.

Content Syndication Is Great. But… 

Like with most good things, there’s a catch.

When marketers first discovered the power of content syndication, they started using it extensively. 

Major search engine platforms like Google were quick to realise the way it’d impact search results and their user’s experience. 

If a crazy marketer had his way, the internet could be full of duplicate content!

There has to be a way to prevent duplicate content…

One of the first things Google did was to start penalizing websites for duplicate content.

But the purpose wasn’t to deter people from content syndication. They just wanted people to duplicate if at all, mindfully and thoughtfully.

Do read this article to understand how you can benefit from content syndication without making these common mistakes.

The Importance Of An Integrated Marketing Campaign

If done right, content syndication can give your marketing campaigns the boost you’ve always dreamed of.

In fact, integrated marketing campaigns are the way forward. Integrating your content with other brands that share the same vision. 

And also integrating multiple formats of content to reach a wider audience.


When planning your content syndication strategy, use this graph to decide what you must focus on.

Content Syndication Platforms You Can Trust

To help you plan your content syndication strategy well, here’s a list of B2B content syndication platforms you can trust in 2022.

Content syndication is a tried-and-tested, proven-to-work marketing method.

Marketers have seen mind-blowing results using this method

And with the right strategy, it’s sure to work for you too.

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