Using Technology to Benefit the Food & Beverage Industry

Using Technology to Benefit the Food & Beverage Industry

The Overview:

One of the most profitable sectors today, hotels and restaurants are bound to make a lot of revenue if their businesses are solid. Being an industry that seldom sees recession irrespective of how badly the outside world gets affected by it, hospitality enjoys a great deal of success as compared to its failures – something that helps push its strategies to the fullest and flourish like no other industry.

However, at the end of it, hospitality is a business and has its own drawbacks.

The Challenge:

To help the hospitality sector identify how technology can be rightly applied to make processes simpler, reduce costs, improve customer experience and overall make the brand function better. To do this, it was first important to identify which areas can be targeted by technology and how it can be applied in the most effective way to make a difference.


The task was rendered to us by Oracle Hospitality and their aim was to ensure every decision-maker in the hospitality industry gains an invaluable learning out of it. Digitalzone Business Consulting firstly took to understand the need for such a study. The reason? In order to sell the whitepaper, we had to comprehend the problems it would help to solve for hospitality professionals.

By taking matters into our own hands, it became easy to familiarize with the professionals and get one step closer to convincing them why this read would make a difference to their business.

The Campaign:

Digitalzone Business Consulting commenced the campaign through a structural growth plan and decided to first target those who would benefit from the campaign to a great extent. A lot of our future receivers included large hotels and establishments who often struggled with waste and reducing costs, however, were unsure of how to go about with it. Even if they did have a plan in place, it posed challenges when they went forward to implement it.


Though effective and targeting marketing methods, Digitalzone Business Consulting vouched to make a difference. We first reached out to the decision-makers and helped them understand how exactly the whitepaper would help them solve so many woes. The very fact that the paper was skillfully written and comprised of so much information to target multiple common issues that most hospitality sectors faced on a regular basis made us so much easier to get the word across. We took charge through telemarketing and other marketing means to personally connect with our prospects and make the process go forth even faster.

The Result:

Digitalzone Business Consulting helped Oracle Hospitality get amazing results through a successfully done campaign. Going ahead, we hope to crack many more campaigns for such an established brand and drive forth with the same determination that we did with this one!