Ultimate things you need to know about Social Media Marketing in 2019

Ultimate things you need to know about Social Media Marketing in 2019

With over 4 billion internet users in the world, you can gauge the powerful impact social media has on us and everything around us. To make the most of your business at this point in time, you need social media and you need to be good at it! Over 2 billion people are active on Facebook every month, LinkedIn has a 500 million tribe, Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users and 126 million people use Twitter daily, if this doesn’t blow your mind, we don’t know what will!

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People use social media multiple times a day, way too frequently- they love it! Social media is where your audience exists, this is where they are waiting for you to reach them. It is extremely powerful and not to mention, more effective than any other marketing channel if you do it right. This is how you can win at social media-

1. Give a human touch

Humanizing your brand is one of the best social media marketing tactics because human touch just makes everything much easier. It’s not a want, it’s a need. No one likes and trusts a social media account that looks too robotic. People need that human touch. They don’t want to buy from a faceless brand, they want something to relate to! They don’t need monotony and tedium, they appreciate candor and interesting.

Give a human touch
2. High quality content

Quality over quantity, always. This is the watchword for a top-notch social media marketing strategyThere is so much crappy content out there already; you surely don’t want to add yours to the ever-growing list. People are tired of consuming the same content everywhere. All that matters now is ‘Value’. Put some extra efforts just to make sure everything you’re posting is of high-quality because that is what really counts.

3. Connect

Communicate! Focus on building relationships. It shouldn’t be a one sided conversation. Try to connect to and engage your audience as much as you can. This is what really builds a brand on social media. Most businessess these days make the mistake of selling all the time without actually taking the time to connect with their audience. The more you connect, the better it is. Forge a genuine connection, call a spade a spade.

Connect with humans
4. Keep it real

Don’t try to pretend something you aren’t. Be absolutely clear about what you stand for and stick to your business values and ethics because if you are feigning anything, they will eventually figure it out. Brand authenticity matters more than you think it does. This is what builds trust. Be reliable and deliver the promise your brand makes, without exception! Practice what you preach.

Your favorite brands and businesses appeal to you for a reason. Be that for your target audience. A strategy in place, sound competitive analysis, engagement and analytics are all important but so are relationships, trust, quality and authenticity. Social media marketing is more about your consumers than it is about you!