The 14 Best Content Syndication Platforms and Networks for 2022


Syndication is when you promote original web content, including articles, blogs, and videos, on other or 3rd party websites.

To help you with syndication at scale, we should use syndication aggregators or platforms. 

Some of these are free to use. Yet others are paid.

These platforms aggregate a large number of small and big publishers, plus their ad inventory for you, to help you target your prospects more efficiently.

Syndication networks with premium content tend to have large, loyal audiences and higher domain permissions.

By sharing your content on these platforms, you can enhance your website’s popularity and strengthen your brand’s reputation. 

Search engine optimization can also be enhanced.

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This article outlines 

  1. Benefits of Content Syndication
  2. SEO and Content Syndication Network
  3. Top 14 Content Syndication Platforms
  4. Lets Recap!

#1.How Will Content Syndication Benefit You?

With content syndication, you can accomplish a wide range of goals. You can use it to drive traffic to the main site, through SEO, or paid search, or build a user base for your product, or use it for the objectives mentioned below.

The benefits of content syndication

  • Receive quality links back to your site
  • Improved website authority 
  • Increased traffic
  • Enhanced online presence
  • Boost brand messaging and sentiment
  • Capture those crucial leads

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#2. SEO And Content Syndication Networks

The benefits of SEO content syndication are numerous, including improving your search engine visibility, generating backlinks, and improving domain authority.

The downside of SEO content syndication is that it can result in duplicate content penalties that may result in lowered rankings in the search engines. 

Therefore, make sure you symbiotically distribute your content as correctly and efficiently as possible.

Before you begin SEO content syndication, it’s crucial to produce great content.

Content creation tools can be used for successful content syndication. You can easily generate engaging content with these tools.

You can use any content syndication platform to promote your content after you’ve written it.

Here are a few of the best content syndication platforms

#3. Top 14 Content Syndication Platforms

Here’s a compiled a list of the top rated content syndication platforms you should be aware of in 2022.

#a. Infographic Syndication

Charts and infographics, as well as written content, are ideal for syndication.

Create a profile for your customers by submitting visual content to a community centre.

Readers will be able to embed your infographic or chart on their own websites by copying and pasting the embed code you provided.

You can create stunning charts and presentations using built-in templates in just a few easy steps with the help of syndication networks – Piktochart, Venngage, and

You can create visual content other than infographics. Landing pages also have a lot of visual elements.

Moreover, you can create visually appealing landing pages with tools like Unbounce.

Using tools like Unbounce, you can also design visually impressive landing pages. Without any technical expertise, you can create landing pages with its drag-and-drop page builder.

Pop-ups and sticky bars can also be added with ease to increase your lead generation efforts.

Use screenshot of Infographic syndication here

#b. Video Syndication

For digital video publishers, a distribution strategy is essential. Video-syndication platforms like YouTube and Ooyala provide the best distribution method to interact with distribution partners.

Syndication alone isn’t enough. It needs to be well-optimised so it can get more views.

VidIQ is recommended for this. By using this content marketing platform, you can perform keyword research, study your competitors, and analyse your videos’ performance.

In addition, it lets you know about trending topics so you can create relevant videos and increase your audience.

Use screenshot of Video syndication here

#c. LinkedIn (Freemium)

LinkedIn helps companies generate potential customers and build their brands. 

Offering both paid and free content syndication opportunities, the platform is one of the top syndication networks.

 InMail, sponsored content, and dynamic display ads make up the paid syndication.

Use screenshot of LinkedIn here

#d. Medium (Free)

Medium offers direct publishing capabilities for content, photos, audio, and video.

It is an open platform for readers to discover dynamic thinking, and for experts and unknown voices to share their writing on any topic.

The Medium platform is free to use and anyone can sign up. Writers can create stand-alone posts or contribute to publications of curated stories or create publications of their own.

On this platform, users can comment and discuss original and syndicated content.

Use screenshot of Medium here

#e. Slideshare (Free)

A network of LinkedIn alliances, Slideshare provides diversified content across professional disciplines. 

Users can share demos and presentations that educate and inform.

It now ranks among the world’s top 100 most-visited websites, with over 18 million uploaded files in 40 categories. More than 80 million professionals  use SlideShare to gain knowledge about any topic from experts.

Use screenshot of slideshare here

#f. Quora (Free)
Using Quora, business owners and professionals can display their expertise in specific areas. 

Providing answers to others’ questions can improve their profile and professional branding.

In other words, it  provides a platform for people to ask questions and connect with people who have unique insights and offer quality answers.

Use screenshot of Quora here

#g. Outbrain (Paid)
Outbrain provides advertising on large sites like CNN, People, and ESPN through its content marketing platform.

Approximately 557 million people use Outbrain on a monthly basis. It helps brands monitor audience insights and generate revenue while knowing and reaching target audiences.

Use screenshot of Outbrain here

#h. Taboola (Paid)
Content discovery platform Taboola provides local placement on top sites. 

Publishers and marketers can use the technology it offers to distribute content to attract users and generate revenue from traffic.

 Taboola not only offers personalised content to 1 billion users a month, but it is also one of the top syndication networks.

Use screenshot of Taboola here

#i. Scoop.It (Paid) has become an invaluable tool for businesses and professionals to publish content. 

In today’s social media and SEO era, content now drives their online visibility, defines their specialisations, and assists them in gaining new business and customers.

Use screenshot of Scoop.It here

#j: Stumbleupon (Free)
Our next recommendation for the most popular syndication networks is StumbleUpon

It lets you bookmark your favourite sites, follow people and interests, and publish content. 

You can also browse popular trend articles, photos, and videos, and create lists of your favourite pages. 

StumbleUpon also provides paid discovery systems for advertisers.

Use screenshot of StumbleUpon here

#k. Tumblr (Free)

Tumblr has a dashboard that provides users with a live feed of the blogs they are following. 

You can interact with these posts at any time as they are automatically displayed.

 There is a space for all activities, which makes management and filtering extremely convenient.

Use screenshot of Tumblr here

#l. Audio Syndication

Audio content has a high engagement rate. 

Audio platforms like SoundCloud and iTunes allow marketers to syndicate their own content in the form of podcasts

With audio / radio campaigns, you can reach specific demographics at a more reasonable cost. It doesn’t matter what demographic your client needs, you can find a station that reaches them.

Use screenshot of Audio syndication here

#m. Reddit

Reddit has become a cornerstone of popular culture worldwide. The fact that it has something for everyone means it can reach a large number of people on a daily basis.

Reddit is popular with nerdy sections of the population for a reason. 

It provides information on almost every field of human knowledge. 

There are subreddits for philosophy, languages, coding, molecular gastronomy, and whatever interests you.

Use screenshot of Reddit here

#n. Facebook Business (Freemium)

With Facebook Business, businesses and organisations can raise awareness, drive demand, and promote sales through a variety of paid and free resources.

Facebook Business Pages provide customers with key information about your business, products, services, and upcoming events.

Use screenshot of Facebook Business here 

Let Us Recap!

Content syndication involves posting and marketing original web content on third-party websites. 

Your website’s visibility and brand reputation can be greatly enhanced by sharing your content on these platforms.

It can also enhance your search engine optimization and drive organic traffic to your site. 

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