Six Content Syndication Errors—Some of Which Marketers Mistake for Strategies. A Survival Guide.

Six Content Syndication Errors

A Simple Overview

When done correctly, B2B content syndication is a terrific approach to amass a mountain of quality leads with the help of your marketing funnel. Too many marketers approach B2B content syndication with unrealistic preconceptions.

Now, we are not going to be discussing whether or not content syndication is worthwhile in this eBook. But the response to that question is often reassuring. When done effectively, content syndication morphs into a powerful tool for generating high-quality leads and expanding brand recognition. The issue is that businesses often employ content syndication—and other marketing strategies—with their eyes closed and fingers crossed, hoping to get results.

Moving forward, we continue to point out some B2B content syndication blunders that we often see marketers making. We have also taken the liberty to point out what you should be doing—or what they should have done—instead.

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