Reasons why Brand Positioning is Important

Reasons why Brand Positioning is Important

We live in a branded world. What does your brand stand for and how do you communicate that? It is extremely crucial for your audience to have the right perception of your brand. What is a brand anyway? It is not what you think how your business is, it is what your customers think and feel when your brand name comes up. Are they going to recommend you? Are they going to be loyal to your brand? The way you position your brand answers these questions. This is what lasts long in the competitive world of business, a trend that never fades- Branding.

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Here are the reasons why brand positioning is crucial for business success-

All the top-notch companies invest in building a strong and enduring brand. This is when the brand names replace the generic name for that product or service. Brands are built over time, not overnight. Customers create a perception of you in their heads. This perception drives value and your brand image builds that very perception. Communicating a strong brand message is more important than ever. Customers connect with a brand. They are emotional about it!

Why build a brand and not just focus on the revenue and sales? Because you desire visibility and you want your customers to choose you even when they have unlimited options and infinite choices. You want to be their number 1 so even when your competition is offering their product or service at a lower cost than yours or let’s say they are running an amazing campaign, your customer still chooses you, time and again. A strong brand is the biggest competitive advantage- even if the market is saturated, you stand out.

brand positioning is crucial for business success

Are the customers talking about you? What are they telling others about your brand? If you deliver on the promise your brand offers to your customers, both these things work in your favor- Word of Mouth. Customers then start doing the marketing and branding for your business! The message has to be clear- the customer’s view should match your view of the brand. Positioning consolidates brand awareness. It is one of the most powerful business assets. Successful brand positioning is when your audience shares the vision of your brand. Your customers are people. Satisfy the basic human needs, like the innate need of connection and a feeling of belongingness. Tap into their emotional needs and see how they can relate to your brand. Stay true to your word. Build credibility.

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It all begins with defining your brand- what it means to you and what do you want it to mean to your consumers. What are you offering? What is your brand promising? This is positioning- the promise of a brand to its customers. Translate your value to your target audience. Each brand has various touchpoints and these touchpoints are great business opportunities to boost your brand image and value. Be creative because the identity of your brand is the most tangible aspect of your business.

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One thing you should do is keep your audience anticipating your next move. Create a buzz. Get in touch with people who like to be the first to try and discover things in your domain. When it comes to content, go visual. Incorporate video content- the shorter, the better. There should be an element of surprise. Branding should always be on the top of priority list!

Businesses should put in efforts in positioning their brands because it makes easier for the customers to choose you, it also makes the job of your sales people effortless to a great extent and demonstrates humongous competitive advantage. Understand your audience and address their pain points. Brand positioning helps a business transcend the purview of limited opportunities and achieve what the business thought was unachievable.