Programmatic Display Advertising for B2B Marketers

Display Advertising for B2B Marketers

As technology evolved, it has only made business processes more efficient. All things which we thought were efficient, were progressed further with technology.

One such evolved technology is B2B display advertising. When Google and other internet giants introduced display advertising, they were considered the most efficient form of marketing, and they were. Compared to traditional marketing strategies.

But the technology evolved further and display advertising needed another efficiency revolution. That’s when programmatic display advertising was introduced.

B2B programmatic display advertising can be the most efficient use of both time and resources. The ability to automate media buy and personalize the ad is an amazing opportunity for a brand.

What is Programmatic Display Advertising?

Programmatic display advertising is an algorithmic way of buying and selling ads in real-time. For example, Facebook (Now Meta) and Google Ads use complex mathematical formulas to evaluate sellers’ needs, consumer data, display ad formats, inventory, creatives, copywriting, to create an efficient cost-effective buying strategy.

How to Do B2B Programmatic Display Advertising?

There are 4 pillars to do a successful B2B programmatic display advertising:


It is essential to be clear about what you want to achieve with programmatic advertising. Don’t jump in without understanding the platform and technology. Figure out your short-term and long-term goals, and create the strategy accordingly. Find out the most important KPIs you’ll be tracking while running the programmatic display ads.


There are a wide range of technologies available when you opt for programmatic display advertising. Some technologies allow you to outsource your entire display advertising campaign, some allow you to manage it in-house.

Here are some key factors to consider:

1) What audience segmentation does the platform allow? Will it help you connect to your target market?

2) What model are they using to charge you? is it Cost-per-thousand-impressions? or Cost per click?

3) Will it be able to integrate your data and content management systems?

4) Will the platform support a multi-platform strategy?

5) Do you want to outsource your campaigns or carry them in-house?


Like any other marketing technology platform, even programmatic display advertising platforms rely on data to run effective campaigns. It is what allows you to target ads effectively, model look-alike, measure performance, etc.

However, some programmatic display platforms are littered with bots and fake audience profiles, harming data accuracy. You want to ensure your display ad vendor verifies the traffic and minimizes bot response.


to make programmatic advertising successful, you cannot just rely on algorithms. You should have a good understanding of the platform, your target audience, and the ability to analyze results.

You want a team of skilled marketers, data engineers, to plan, control and optimize your B2B campaigns effectively.

What are the Benefits of Programmatic Display Advertising for B2B Businesses?

If you are a B2B marketing, you should try to implement it into most of your campaigns.

There are many benefits of Programmatic Display Advertising for B2B Businesses

1) You Only Need One Platform

b2B display advertisers can manage all their ads through one single platform. They no longer have to go manage various platforms like Google ads and Facebook ad manager. This is a huge time saver for your company.

2) Contextual Ads

One of the core benefits of programmatic display advertising is the ability to provide contextual ads based on the web page. This improves the chances of your prospect clicking on the ad.

3) Cost and Time Savings

Through programmatic advertising, B2B marketers have the ability to place highly relevant display advertising to the targeted audience. Since the ads are highly relevant it reduces the cost-per-acquisition.

Programmatic display advertising will eliminate the need for manual negotiation with publishers. Algorithms will do it for you.

4) Real-time Optimization

With traditional ads, marketers have to manually analyze the ads and optimize them. With programmatic display advertising, conversion rates are checked and optimization strategies are put in effect immediately. variation of the same ad can be served on different devices and see which ad format is working the best. This helps you discontinue the ads which are not performing well.


As you must have realized, that programmatic display advertising can be very beneficial for B2B businesses. If you want to succeed in programmatic advertising, take some time to understand the technology, intent data, consumer behavior. All these things have a huge impact on your programmatic advertising strategies.

If you have any more questions on Programmatic display advertising or any other B2B marketing approaches, please contact us and we will be happy to help you out.