Microsoft Advertising launches new audience targeting features

Microsoft Advertising launches new audience targeting features

Microsoft has made targeting audiences— based on LinkedIn profiles — enormously easier and effective for B2B marketers.

With Dynamic Remarketing, In-market Audiences, and LinkedIn Profile targeting, businesses can drive results by targeting highly relevant audiences. Other than LinkedIn, Microsoft Advertising is the only digital platform leveraging professional profiles to target the right people.

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Dynamic Remarketing and In-market Audiences can be used for search campaigns while LinkedIn profile marketing works for both search and audience campaigns.

You may serve these ads to your audience based on their organization, job title, and industry type.

Marketers can use these features all over the world to target audiences in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France and Germany.

Dynamic remarketing will help you reach users who have shown interest in your product at some level. This feature will complement shopping campaigns improving the overall campaign performance and boosting conversions.

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The LinkedIn profile targeting offers you a highly targeted approach to reach your ideal customers. The feature gives B2B marketers and advertisers access to more than 100 industries and over 80k companies.

For now, Microsoft has restricted In-market Audiences to French and German markets. This feature will help advertisers target more than 100 French and over 200 German audiences.

The advertising on Microsoft’s platform will now play a key role in maximizing conversions, giving you the best returns on ad spend. If you ever wanted to advertise with a purpose, this is it.

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