Marketing in a post-pandemic world

Marketing in a post-pandemic world

The old ways of delighting and acquiring customers won’t work anymore. Marketing has changed with all things COVID-19. 

A good chunk of economic activity has moved online over the last year. With vaccination underway, most businesses are trying to make sense of this situation- was the change a blip or something more permanent?

Post-pandemic marketing should be about building trust and credibility more than anything else. It’s finally the time when marketers need to rethink their entire strategy and make it more human-centric.

Businesses can no longer rely on in-person meetings to create a sense of connection. Just until last year, marketers and salespeople fixated on the funnel. Now success needs a holistic approach. Flywheel marketing would be a good shift at this point.

Flywheel of marketing

Source- HubSpot

The world is bound to experience the long, lasting impact of COVID-19. The post-pandemic marketing strategy should take into consideration how your customers feel about this. Marketing today should offer a way out, relief, or just an escape from the distress.

We are yet to see if social distancing has made customers ready and comfortable making purchase decisions online and communicating virtually, or it is just because of the physical limitations of not being able to step out.

A disturbing pandemic leaves its marks. But, we believe online and offline marketing tactics are complementary; one cannot substitute the other. These interactions play a crucial role in B2B markets as different customers buy in different ways.

The future will be nothing like the past. Now we have to see how the go-to marketing strategies evolve and how businesses embrace this shift.