How to create a great landing page

How to create a great landing page

Wouldn’t it be much better if landing pages came with those help manuals that lay the steps out impeccably? Building a winning landing page is not the hardest thing there is, but it needs some skill, and the right ideas blended neatly.

It should be like a feast to your visitors’ eyes. Nudging them gently to take the desired action; your landing page should give them what they want. Here’s how to do it!

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Keeping it Simple!

Is it for building the email list? Is it for the launch of a new product? Is it a subscription for the services you offer? First of all, figure out the goal of your landing page. What do you want from it? What does it want for your customer to do? Once you’re clear on that part, you may focus on how to design it in a way that meets the goal and increase conversions.

The worst thing you can do here is to confuse your visitors. Keep the landing page simple; yet appealing with clear and prominent CTAs. Your goal is to make the entire conversion process much more efficient for your users.

What’s in the title?

Spend a lot of time creating the headline. It doesn’t have to be entirely sassy, but it’s where everything starts. Write a catchy headline that piques interest and makes the visitors want to know more. The headline should be relevant and tell what the landing page is all about.

Right after the headline, your sub-headline matters as much. The goal of your headline is to draw attention and of your sub-headline is to keep it. Don’t put a lot of content on your page. Since it looks laborious to read, it drives visitors away. Only keep the content that serves a purpose, anything you could put somewhere else, feel free to do away with it!

Details matter a great deal

Put efforts into understanding your customer behavior– what drives them, what their expectations and pain-points are. We, as humans, have instincts to avoid pain. It’s good to state what your visitors will gain, but don’t forget to mention what they will lose.

Demonstrate you are the solution to their problem because that is far more impactful.

Use testimonials to build trust with your visitors. Let the landing page communicate your value proposition for you. If you offer multiple services, talk about the company’s mission and what it stands for.  The forms on your page should not be lengthy. Landing pages with shorter forms and concise copy perform much better.  Also, make it fun!

Let’s talk about the Content

There’s no magical plan to stick to when it comes to creating your landing page copy. Just organize it in a way that explains what your landing page is about and what you want your visitor to do with it.

Try to make it more visual. Human brains process images much faster than texts. This translates to more impact. Use large high-quality visuals that stand out and complement the text.

The design should give power to your landing page and not steal it. Use a simple layout, stick to a single font family, and play around with only 2-3 colors for maximum impact.

Whitespace is your friend, make it easy for the visitors to navigate and get to the point.

Optimize your Landing Page

Your page has to be well-optimized because visitors will be viewing it on different devices. It should fit the screen properly and should be easy to navigate for the user. The landing page should be attractive and work the same, no matter the device used.

Perform A/B testing to ensure you’re putting out the best content and design. This is how you develop an understanding of what works with your audience and optimize conversions.

Your marketing might be generating tons of leads, but the conversions depend to a great extent on the quality of your landing page.

If you’re giving your visitors an offer, try creating a sense of urgency around it because you want them to click now. Once they leave the page, the chances of conversions reduce substantially. Now go and create something so compelling, they can’t help but click!

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