How To Build A B2B Email List That Skyrockets Your Revenue


B2B email marketing remains one of the most successful communication methods with current and prospective clients. 

That is why almost every successful business has a B2B email marketing plan.

However, how do you begin building a B2B email list?

Thankfully, there are several effective but easy strategies you may take to increase the number of email subscribers on your website. 

By the time you finish this blog, you will clearly understand how to establish a B2B email list.

  1. Why Do You Need A Business-To-Business Email Marketing Strategy?
  2. 6 Easy Ways To Create a Business-to-Business Email List

Why Do You Need A Business-To-Business Email Marketing Strategy?

Before we dive into the nuances and advice, let’s examine why you need a business-to-business email marketing plan, to begin with. 

The word on the street is that email continues to provide the best engagement and ROI.

Now you may ask the question – does business-to-business email marketing work?

Consider the following B2B email marketing statistics:

  1. Forty percent of business-to-business marketers believe email marketing is critical.
  2. Seventy-seven percent of B2B businesses use email marketing newsletters in their marketing plan.

As a result, you may find yourself thinking: How can I create a B2B email list?

Now, if you’re doing an internet search for answers, you may have come across the concept of purchasing an email list. 

Naturally, purchasing a list seems like an excellent idea. You may immediately access a list of leads ready to take action in your sector.  Right?

Read why you shouldn’t purchase an email list:

  1. The list’s quality cannot be predetermined.
  2. Your mail vendor may prohibit the purchase of mailing lists.

Now that you understand why you should avoid purchasing a list, let’s look at the best tactics for creating a business-to-business list that will result in more subscribers.

6 Easy Ways To Create a Business-to-Business Email List

We’ve included a list of the most acceptable tactics for growing a business-to-business email list below.

 These are strategies that marketers utilize to build our email list exponentially. Let’s get started.

#1. Validate Your Leads

A business-to-business database brimming with duplicate, inaccurate, and out-of-date emails is unlikely to provide you with success.

The question then is, how can you ensure the email list comprises high-quality leads?

There are many tools in the market for validating business-to-business leads before adding them to your email list. 

These enable you to design visually appealing lead capture forms that safeguard against bogus signups and misspelled emails.

Lead Verification safeguards your B2B email list.  

How lead verification works:

  1. Prevent spambots from adding themselves to your list.
  2. Prevent specific IP addresses from submitting email addresses.
  3. Correct any misspelled addresses in the opt-in form.

Why do successful business-to-business firms check leads?

Lead checking is necessary for a few reasons. 

  1. To begin, most email service providers bill based on the size of your list. Forged or inaccurate emails are added to your total as well. However, these ineffective emails provide no benefit to you.
  2. To safeguard your reputation as an email sender. If you send emails to just those interested, you will get a higher level of interaction.

It’s effortless to get jumpstart the lead verification process. This article directs and informs you about the process of validating an email address and qualifying your leads.

$2. Select The Right B2B Email Marketing Provider

You can effortlessly launch targeted messages with the help of the correct email marketing service provider.

Most email marketing service providers have the following features, in-built:

  1. Drag-and-drop builder: simple-to-use tools for creating visually appealing email newsletters
  2. Marketing automation: mass emailing of tailored emails
  3. Segmentation: Create distinct categories for your subscribers depending on their choices, interests, and more.

#3. Utilise B2B Lead Magnets

A lead magnet is often offered as something of value (an incentive) by marketers in return for people’s email addresses.

When people get instant benefits in exchange for joining your mailing list, they are more inclined to join. Typically, a lead magnet is a downloaded piece of content, such as:

So, what constitutes a solid business-to-business lead magnet?
If you want individuals to download your lead magnet, it should do the following:

  • Resolve a genuine issue
  • Specific
  • Instantly obtainable

When brainstorming ideas, keep your target consumer in mind. What problem are they battling with? 

What is one thing they wish they could change about themselves, or their business?

#4. Deploy Multiple B2B Lead Forms Across Your Website

The following are some examples of popups and opt-in forms that you might use:

  1. A lightbox: Pop-up window that obscures the information behind it.
  2. Fullscreen: Completely engulfs the screen with a single call to action.
  3. Notification bar: An alert bar is usually located in the screen’s header or footer.
  4. Opt-in in two steps: Pop-up on click or Yes/No Forms

Any of the methods mentioned above have the individual capacity to skyrocket your business-to-business email list, depending on how you utilize it. 

This is an example of a lead magnet that ReliableSoft employed to triple their B2B conversions.

Lead Guru utilized the MonsterLinks feature of OptinMonster to construct a popup that converted 81.8 percent of visitors

Make sure to conduct various tests on several forms to see which ones work the best for your firm.

#5. Test And Engage With Gated Content

Gating your most valuable content is an excellent approach to growing your business-to-business list.   

Gated content is online material that requires you to fill out a form to view it.

Along with blog postings, you may consider restricting the following types of content. Examples with links are given below.

    1. White Papers
      How to Write a White Paper in 10 Steps (+ Tips & Templates)
    2. Webinars
      How to Create and Host Successful Webinars
    3. eBooks, content upgrades
      How to Create an Ebook From Start to Finish [Free Ebook Templates]
    4. An Email Tutorial
      How to Create a Lead Generation Email Course in 5 Steps
    5. Product Demos
      18 Impressive Product Demo Videos You’ll Want to Copy
    6. Quizzes
      4 Steps to Create a Quiz That Generates Leads
    7. Videos that pack value to the customer
      Getting Started With Video Gating
  • Courses, or Mini Courses
    1. How to Create an Online Course and Share Your Expertise
    2. Mini Course Generator
  1. Case Studies
    What Is Gated Content and How to Use It for Lead Generation

On the one hand, gated content enables you to segment your email list and better understand your users.

For instance, by employing gated content, Photowebo improved conversions by 3806 percent. 

Yet other businesses leave all of their material open since users dislike filling out forms. This is why the ideal strategy would be to mix gated and ungated information. 

Another recommendation is to password-protect content that is genuinely helpful and shared.  

Consider the following article for other content locking strategies: How to Use Gated Content to Skyrocket Engagement & Conversions

#6. Segment Your Email List

Segmenting your email list enables you to deliver tailored, targeted emails to your business-to-business email list.

The fact is that customized emails outperform generic communications sent to your whole email list. 

That is why all effective business-to-business email marketing campaigns use segmentation.  

Using lead magnets on your site is one approach to segment your followers.

Assume that you write a guide on choosing the ideal Customer Relationship Manager (CRM). 

Now you know that those who subscribe will get that piece of material are interested in CRMs. 

As a result, you may send email marketing campaigns centered on the CRM related topics to site visitors.

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We’ve discussed the most effective methods for growing a B2B email list.

Utilize the tactics outlined above to increase the size of your B2B email list immediately.

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