Facebook Launches Business Suite; combines Messenger and Instagram chats

Facebook Launches Business Suite; combines Messenger and Instagram chats

Facebook has introduced a unified management platform, making it effortless for businesses to manage their Facebook and Instagram profiles via a single app.

The Facebook Business Suite is a one-stop solution for marketing your business on Facebook and Instagram, and the cherry on the cake- it’s free.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for businesses to reach their target audience. The suite has been developed for small businesses but would be made available to even large ones in 2021.  

Facebook Business Suites

The business suite offers features that allow posting updates on Facebook and Instagram at the same time, an integrated inbox to manage all notifications and messages, and have insights for how the business is performing on these social media channels- all in one place.  

The Insights tab will give you an overview of how your posts performed with metrics, including engagement and reach. The home screen will help your prioritize your marketing efforts. You may even configure personalized replies and save them for future purposes.

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Facebook has confirmed that they will be integrating Whatsapp in the Business Suite down the line as well.

You can access the Business Suite by logging into your business Facebook page. If you’re using Page Manager on mobile, you’ll automatically get an option to use this feature. If not, you’ll have to download the Facebook Business Suite app on the app store.

The company is also going to publish a study about how COVID-19 has influenced the buyer’s journey. In a joint effort with Deloitte, Facebook studied how consumers are making purchase decisions online and using digital tools to stay connected with brands.