Everything You Need To Know About a Vodcast

Everything You Need To Know About a Vodcast

A podcast is a term that every digital marketer today is aware of. Even if not made them, they are sure to have checked out someone else’s for sure. These audio clips or otherwise known as podcasts are great for understanding how people do certain things, why someone has put up a new business or how marketing can be made better. In short, podcasts are great for inspiration and first-hand learning and can be heard just about anywhere. The growth of podcasts has been splendid in the last couple of years. It has grown to the extent that everybody from digital marketers, artists, celebs, celebrity chefs, business owners, and even influencers have started creating podcast due to its sudden popularity and usefulness and the future will have them grow even more. The demands for podcasts have risen considerably and now are considered as important mediums to put forth your views into the world.

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However, the next step or rather a makeover of the appealing podcast is now here and it has been making BIG news recently! “A vodcast or video podcast in the simplest sense is a step beyond podcasting, also called video podcasting or vlogging that adds video to the downloadable sound files podcast listeners are used to. After downloading and saving them to a portable video player, users can choose when and where they want to watch the video, making them independent of television programming schedules. A number of vodcasting tools also exist to help turn people from mere video consumers to producers”, says a popular website about vodcasting. Thus, in the simplest understanding, a vodcast is a podcast that works on the concept of video rather than audio and honestly speaking gives much better ROI because visual content is always more powerful than a spoken script.

So if the concept of vodcasting is fairly new to you, however, it does sound exciting and engaging, here’s everything you need to know about it:

1. Work on great content:

Although visuals surpass audio content in most scenarios and even for a vodcast the same can be considered, it is definitely important to consider your content with graphics. In this scenario, one can understand the vodcast software they plan to use and how it can merge your content and video in the best possible manner to ensure both shine in their own ways and produce a splendid outcome!

2. Go with a calendar:

Although creating a vodcast can be a pretty exclusive, time-consuming and even costly affair, a calendar can definitely make things a whole lot easier. Try creating goals that can be met instead of burdening yourself with it all at ones. Keep wholesome breathing space between creating a vodcast and podcast since churning them out every week will surely hamper the quality and add to the exhaustion.

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3. Choose how frequently you wish to broadcast:

Keep a considerable time gap between the days you choose to upload a vodcast. For ease of making, you could create two at a time, depending if you’re able to work up both the script and video together, however, make sure to shoot them only one at a time. Doing too many at once will come forth as being too promotional.

4. Choose your channels:

Ensuring you post on the right forums in the next important thing – hence make a list of all different medium you can target to publish your vodcast. Since this is a new trend, you will first have to check its flexibility on the domains you’re targeting and then proceed.

5. Announce your new offering everywhere you can:

Since you’re taking a big step with digital marketing, the fact that vodcasts are being created should be highlighted on your social media so people are aware of what you’re doing. Once your followers know your offerings they will be curious to check it out.

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6. Research all you can:

A good vodcast like all other alternatives also requires in-depth research. The finished product is a true replica of the amount of research and study one has done for it and also depends on the success or failure of the podcast. Take inspiration; learn from vodcast examples, vodcast sites to get better.

At the end of the day, your news vodcast should be fascinating enough to generate leads and inquiries on its own.

Also, what one requires to understand about a vodcast is that unlike podcasts, these are featured exclusively around videos and more content-relevant graphics, thus making them as interactive and creative as possible is a wise call. Alongside, one need not focus so much on the visuals that the content doesn’t match. Creating harmony between both these aspects will give birth to a fantastic vodcast – perfect for marketing, social media, brand visibility and more.