How to Create an Effective Marketing Strategy in 2020

How to Create an Effective Marketing Strategy in 2020

Running and growing business this year is just like navigating uncharted waters. Modern marketers need to make data-driven decisions, more informed decisions based on patterns and facts.

The secret sauce for a successful marketing strategy is in sending the right message to the right and at the right time. What does it do? It boosts brand awareness, helps in decision-making, and eventually, it enhances customer loyalty. You don’t only close more deals, but also bigger deals.

Let’s dive in to draw more engagement and more conversions!

This is not a Novel

Seriously, get to the point! Your audience is busy doing tons of other things. If they are making time to read what you’ve written, be sensitive towards them by saving their time.

Try to make your writing easy to comprehend and fast to read. This is how your messages will engage your audience rather than driving them away. Get your writing flow!

There’s beauty in simplicity. You need to create a picture yet say it in the simplest way possible.

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Conscious Messaging

Marketers need to be more mindful of the content they are putting out. You need to create messages that are aligned with today’s reality. This is how you’ll add value in your customers’ lives, interest them, and engage them.

Our analysis for the last two quarters has shown that human-centered marketing worked much better for brands as opposed to product-focused marketing that couldn’t strike a chord with the audience at such times.

Think like a Subscriber

Marketing as a field is so much about experimentation and learning. You need to craft your strategy thinking from a subscriber’s vantage point. What could you write that they would be interested in?  What would make them open an email and take action?

The key is in remembering each audience segment is different and should be treated that way. Experiment with different tones, writing styles, graphics, timings, and so on, to find what works best for a particular audience segment.

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Optimize for Conversion

Most people tend to start reading from left to right; this makes placing your CTA in the right a strategic choice for higher conversions.

Analyze user behavior on your landing pages with a heat map. Are they spending time where you want them to engage the most? If not, figure out what you can change to drive engagement and conversions.

Use scroll maps to identify where exactly people are leaving your landing page or have stopped looking. Keep your landing pages neat and use straightforward CTAs that click with your audience!

Audience Engagement

Customers want to feel they are valued. You need to engage them to make them stick with your brand and choose your brand over and over again!

Stop acting like your audience doesn’t have opinions and get them engaged. Instead of one-way communication, make it both ways. Add interactive marketing such as quizzes and surveys on your checklist to know what they have to say!

Get your creative juices flowing and figure out a unique way to engage with your audience and connect with them on a deeper level.

Marketing Memes

Success in marketing is about realizing that what the customer wants matter more than what we want. Get such a deep understanding of your audience that you can define them in one sentence.

You should be telling stories that will engross your audience. Your marketing will do wonders if it can strike an emotional chord.

We, at Digitalzone, have a very customer-centric approach while marketing for us, as well as for our clients. Your goals matter to us a great deal, and so does your audience. So, we do our bit to turn your prospects into your raving fans! Nothing more, nothing less.