Drips, the Conversational AI Platform Receives Significant Strategic Growth Investment

Drips, the Conversational AI Platform Receives Significant Strategic Growth Investment
Drips, the Conversational AI Platform Receives Significant Strategic Growth Investment

Drips, a platform of conversational AI texting, announced it secured significant strategic growth investment from Accel-KKR.

With the 2020 corona pandemic, consumers are looking for seamless ways to connect and communicate digitally. Hence enterprises are adding SMS to their marketing mix, and many of them are working with Drips to automate engagement using SMS.

Drips, founded in 2016, focuses on empowering brands to capture audience intent and drive meaningful conversations. The company has received positive feedback from all the clients they serve.

“This year, Drips will reach nearly three times our 2019 revenues–and our strong financial performance is what made this investment possible. With Accel-KKR as our partner, we are positioned to catapult into our next phase of growth and product innovation,” said Aaron Christopher (A.C.) Evans, Drips’ CEO.

What sets Drips apart is its ability to manage automated, two-way, humanized conversations at scale.

With the new strategic growth investment from Accel, the team is excited to gain momentum for their next chapter.

The Drips platform is backed by natural language processes algorithms that simulate real-life conversations. The users of Drips consistently see engaging conversations around their brand and a good return on investment.

To date, Drips has handled over half a billion AI-based humanized conversations. It’s more than anyone in the messaging industry. The Drip platform act as an extension to their clients, allowing them to onboard new customers and scale efficiently.

With the new investment, Drips aim to extract more information from their data and continue innovating their platform.

About Drips

The Drips AI-powered platform enables brands to engage with their customers through conversational texting. Powered by a natural language processing algorithm, Drips leverages human-like conversations to cut through noise, capture audience intent, and drive meaningful engagements around a business.

With 50 Million conversations happened already, the AI is improving with each iteration. The platform offers an open API, allowing businesses to connect it with any CRM, marketing automation system, dialer, or automatic caller system.

About Accel-KKR

Accel-KKR is a technology investment firm with over $10 billion in capital investments. The Core of Accel’s investment strategy is to develop a strong partnership with growing tech brands and focus on developing good management. 


Customers expect brands to be humanized in their conversations. They expect relevant answers to their queries and want their digital experience to be smooth.

Companies like Accel investing in Drips is a clear sign that companies that help brands have a meaningful conversation will have an upper hand in attracting the right people.