Creative Strategies to generate more B2B leads

Creative Strategies to generate more B2B leads

If you’re creating the same content and using the same marketing strategies for lead generation as everyone else, there is a snowball’s chance in hell your marketing will succeed in today’s age.

Think about it, if your marketing doesn’t stand out, what good will it do?

Creativity is the answer to the dilemma marketers are struggling with the most. You don’t have to go entirely radical in your approach- a little bit different and unique will do just fine.

Do you want to get your hands on some of the best creative strategies for B2B lead generation? We’ve got your back!

B2B Lead Generation

1. Quality Content

Creating high-quality, engaging content that directly speaks to your audience can generate more leads for you than you can ever imagine. Content has tremendous power to influence people if you do it the right way.

Get creative with your content. Don’t produce the same kind of content you and everyone else has been creating for years. Because this works until it doesn’t. Why settle and get only so far when content can do so much more for you.

What you need to understand here is the notion that you need a piece of content for which people will be willing to share their personal information with you. Is the content you’re creating right now exciting them, driving them to take action?

Make sure your content is customer-focused. It should be in a language that’s easy to read, listen to, or watch. It should create a good experience for your customers. We know that the key to creating great B2B content is to solve your customer’s problems. So, research well and understand their pain points and struggle and then use your expertise and authority to solve their problems and make their lives and business better in whichever way you can.

2. Customer reviews for lead generation

Leverage the power of reviews in case studies and as testimonials to generate high-quality leads for your business as your potential clients are always scouring the internet to make the right decision.

Customer reviews build trust and authority and steer the decision-making process in your favor. This is the most effective way to generate leads with almost no costs, as over 90 percent of people go through reviews before making a purchase. 

Build a rapport with your customers and incentivize them to share positive reviews about their experience with your brand. Focus on customer experience and do all that you can to keep your customers happy and satisfied.

These reviews demonstrate customer success and how well you understand and meet the needs of your target audience. When they proclaim you’re the best at what you do, it will assure others that you are worth their investment. 

Social proof has a very tangible impact when it comes to improving brand awareness and establishing your brand as trustworthy and reliable.

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3. Website Visitors

Most businesses generate the majority of their leads via the website. Your website doesn’t have to be perfect; it just has to be good enough. When a prospect visits your website, they should be able to navigate it and easily find what they came to search in the first place.

Repeat the same process with your headlines, graphics and overall messaging. If you’ve been doing your marketing right, your homepage must be getting traffic from social media, search engines, and other channels. 

Your homepage needs some special attention as it gets the most visits to your website. Analyze, experiment, and gauge which CTAs work the best for you and garner the most conversions.

Optimize it for users to have a unified experience regardless of the device they are using. Your website should show your prospect how you have made a difference in your customers’ lives and how you can do the same for them.

4. Bridge the gap

You’ll generate and convert a slew of leads if your marketing can assure them you are the right solution to their problem. Build irresistible offers that get people interested in your offerings and nurture them to buy from you.

Creating compelling offers that target the right audience demands a thorough understanding of your customer, market, and competition. Your offer has to be clear, concise, and with a strong CTA that encourages a prompt response. 

Your offers shouldn’t only cater to logical needs but also evoke emotions in your audience. It should be something that makes them feel they’d be missing out on opportunities and success if they don’t take action. 

Great offers have a high value to cost ratio. People want to provide their information or spend some money because the value of what you’re offering is really high for them.

These offers give you customers something they desperately need at the most appropriate time. For instance, when you’re running a marathon, you’re more likely to accept an energy drink from the volunteers than a cup of tomato juice or soda.

Generating Traffic

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5. Use Quora to generate leads

Creating value by answering questions in your niche on Quora and other online communities can help you generate tons of leads.

Share your knowledge and expertise with the pure intention of helping people do better. Don’t try aggressive selling as people can easily sniff it out, and it won’t get you anywhere.

Engage and be part of the community. Find out the keywords your audience is using to find answers about products and services similar to yours. We advise you to write like a person to answer these questions rather than a company, as people trust people and relate to them better. You can also include relevant links that can add more value to your answer.

Quora can prove to be one of the biggest lead generation platforms for you if you play your cards right. Build a strategy and follow through with it; consistency is the key.

Winding Up

People don’t buy a product or service. They buy results. Make sure your lead generation strategies elucidate customer success and focus on creating appealing and memorable brand experiences.

We, at Digitalzone, break through the marketing clutter. Our creative approach creates a widespread impact, gets you much better results for your marketing spend and ultimately, makes your marketing more riveting and meaningful.