Best Digital Marketing Strategies for 2020

Best Digital Marketing Strategies for 2020

If you’re into Digital Marketing, chances are you want to be really good at it (because winners take all, they love it). 2020 just came up with a request for marketers, and we decided to address it. Improving online marketing presence and leveraging it to boost sales and revenue are essential aspects of marketing in the digital age. So, this is what 2020 needs you to do for the success that’s eagerly waiting for you!

1. 2020 Needs you to know your Brand Better

What is it that you’re selling and who are you selling it to? Go into as much depth as you can while answering these questions. Everything that you create or execute should revolve around your industry and niche market. Build a sales funnel and take a unique approach to target leads in different stages of this funnel.

2. 2020 Needs you to work on your Communication Strategy

Segment your audience and craft a different strategy for each segment. Create buyer personas and buyer profiles to thoroughly understand your audience- motives, beliefs, and desires. You’d also want a different strategy altogether for your target audience and potential customers who don’t know about your brand yet.

3. 2020 Needs a Solid SEO Strategy

Taking a big step towards online success would be to make sure your website is on the top of search results. Carry out intent-based Keyword Research. Try to comprehend and decipher how people are doing their search, what are they looking for in your industry and strategize accordingly.

 4. 2020 Needs you to go for a Press Release

Incorporate press releases on your marketing strategy because it builds trust and authority. For robust business relations, your clients need to know what your company is about. Just make sure not to sound stern and aloof. Keep it to the point, be relevant and use language that spikes interest.

5. 2020 Needs you to Consider Redesigning your Website

First impressions matter and in a way, your website is your company’s first impression. It’s much easier to convert people when your website gives them a great experience- the better the user experience, the easier is the conversion. Keep the design simple, simple is neat!

6. 2020 Needs you to use Social Media better

Go fishing where the fish are. Your audience is using social media more than ever and it is a trend that’s not likely to change anytime soon. Be creative but don’t forget to be relevant.

If someone shows criticism about your brand by sending negative feedback and comments, take it as an opportunity to do better. Respond promptly and address their issues as soon as you can.

Use the online space to not only reach out to but also, engage your audience. It’s not the marketing world we used to live in a decade or two back. There was a time when marketing was all about blaring out messages to your audience without wanting to hear back. Now they want to talk too and that’s good for you!

P.S. – 2020 wants you to stop waiting for another year! Start with what you have, it will do.