8 Actionable B2B Lead Generation Hacks That Work Like a Charm

8 Actionable B2B Lead Generation Hacks That Work Like a Charm

There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to B2B lead generation.

Each marketer has a favourite strategy and tip, as well as failures and big wins.

Leads are one of the most important factors when it comes to the success of any business.

In content marketing, in-person connections and referrals are key.

In order to preserve and build your brand for as long as possible, you should implement these strategies.

In order to grow your content marketing efforts and nurture those relationships, how do you get more leads into the funnel?

Lead generation in B2B can be hard, making you wonder: which strategies actually work? Which yields the best results?

Here are 8 quick B2B lead generation strategies we have analysed for you..

The blog covers:

8 B2B Tactics For Lead Generation
  1. Make Premium Content Gated
  2. Include Effective CTAs
  3. Craft A Slideshare
  4. Promote Personalised Direct Mail Campaign
  5. Recycle Content
  6. Co-Author Your Ebook
  7. Provide a Free Evaluation, Sample, or Trial
  8. Utilise Exit-Intent Pop-Ups
  9. Conclusion

You may get more qualified leads into your sales funnel with these short-term strategies while focusing on some of the longer-term tactics.

#1. Make Premium Content Gated

In order to generate new, qualified leads, you can gather contact information by providing free premium content.

For B2B buyers, 74% expect to see infographics without registering, although 77% are willing to share basic info for ebooks or white papers.

Here are a few tips to maximise gated content:

  • Avoid having to fill out the same form multiple times
  • If you are planning to offer gated content, make sure that you create a different landing page for every item of content.
  • Immediately thank the buyer who downloads your product. Include a link for social media sharing, or a discount on an upsell.

#2. Include Effective CTAs

It is a good idea to add a call-to-action (CTA) to your top-performing content, or when you update an old one.

The CTA encourages users to subscribe, share, and follow. Here are some tips for creating an effective CTA:

  • Pin the CTA to the screen to scroll with the viewer, or make it appear above the fold.
  • By using a single, clear call to action, you can encourage prospects to act now.
  • Instead of “Submit,” have the button text read “Download the Ebook.”
  • Make use of visual cues, like arrows and eyes, to draw viewers’ attention to your CTA.

#3. Craft A Slideshare

You can upload presentation slides to SlideShare and share it publicly. SlideShare gets about 70% of its traffic from professionals seeking specific solutions.

As a result, these leads are more relevant. You can amaze them by implementing the following tips:

  • Utilise eye-catching headlines, images, and suitable tags in your title slides, which can be viewed as thumbnails.
  • Provide targeted text and fewer words in your text to make it more manageable.
  • Make sure you include more slides to tell your story. We recommend around 60 slides for this audience.
  • Establish your brand as the go-to brand by emphasising one big idea on each slide.

#4. Promote Personalised Direct Mail Campaign

Use these strategies to engage past customers, or anyone who has joined your list but hasn’t taken action yet.

  • Sort customers and buyers according to their buying behavior and time lapsed
  • Create a message that is tailored to the needs of each list
  • Offer a free report or white paper as an incentive for people to contact your organisation
  • Ensure your customer service makes potential customers feel like they already know you

#5. Recycle Content

Create a “Best of” list by grouping your most popular posts, or bundle them for download. Share on as many channels as possible:

  • Use a successful blog post as a topic of discussion in LinkedIn groups.
  • Put together a series of articles into an ebook and offer the ebook as a gated download on a landing page.
  • Use an infographic from a report or whitepaper to attract attention and expand your audience using Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, or SlideShare.

#6. Co-Author Your Ebook

Make an ebook with a complementary business and co-brand it.

With this approach, you get two things out of it: A new audience for your brand and great content for your partners. While selecting a company, consider these tips:

  • A company with complementary products that your customers might need.
  • A highly-respected company that’s established in another channel, no matter how big or small.
  • An organisation that slightly expands your demographic, such as one that is younger or older.
  • An expert in the field who is regarded as credible.

#7. Provide a Free Evaluation, Sample, or Trial

Free offers let you understand your prospects’ preferences and dislikes, goals, issues, and pain spots.

Here are a few tips for creating a winning free offer:

  • You can provide prospects with a link to a product evaluation to help them determine whether they want your product.
  • Provide a demo that adds value to your prospects, even if it’s just a taste.
  • Make buying easy with an introductory trial that gets people over the threshold.
  • Continually learn from customers’ feedback.

#8. Utilise Exit-Intent Pop-ups

Exit-intent pop-ups maintain prospects’ interest in the face of frequent pop-ups.

Utilise proven tactics like these when implementing this type of pop-up:

  • Conversions tend to rise by 30-40% when you employ “Yes” and “No” options versus just one CTA
  • Use simple text and images to trigger action.
  • Create responsive designs. If your ad does not engage or let you
  • Conduct A/B tests to measure the results. Adapt to your brand and your audience.


Giving your prospects more ways to find you is the key to B2B lead generation.

Diversify your marketing channels and make your value proposition magnetising.

Share valuable information and innovative ideas, even if most page views don’t indicate sales.

If you keep potential customers in your funnel, they will remember you for their next purchase.

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