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4 Content Promotion Hacks to Help You Boost Your Authority

4 Content Promotion Hacks to Help You Boost Your Reach

Content promotion involves delivering different types of content through both free and paid channels.

This helps boost traffic, reach, conversions, and ROI.

To succeed long-term, you’ll need a list of innovative ideas that you can use when you feel like you’ve covered all the ground on a particular topic.

Here’s a curated list of four content promotion ideas.

The Blog covers 4 innovative content promotion ideas and the benefits of each.

  1. Live Streaming Video
  2. Publish Guest Posts
  3. Content With Voice Activation
  4. Repurposed Content
  5. Conclusion

#1. Live Streaming Video

Business communication with target audiences has changed in the age of live streaming.

Face-to-face interaction helps brands connect with customers.

Audiences love this type of interaction because they feel included and participating.

You can encourage viewers to make a purchase by using live streaming in your content marketing plan.

According to a study, 28% of creative and digital marketers will invest in live streaming.

On average, 48% of your viewers share your live videos on social media, bringing in their friends, families, and even random people.

Let’s talk about what to share, shall we?

Show your skills by giving industry-related tips and doing a live demonstration of your product or service to your followers.

  1. Pre-Recorded Videos Are Less Engaging Than Live Interactions:

    You can connect with your audience by streaming live videos.

    Create a dialogue between your brand and viewers when you’re live.

    Chat boxes let viewers ask questions directly, and you can answer them immediately, addressing them personally.

  2. Live Video Streaming Is Easier Compared To In-Person Events:

    The live stream allows viewers to watch the event from around the globe.

    After the stream starts, they can still join if they see a notification or see it pop up on their social media feed.

#2. Publish Guest Posts

By accepting guest posts, you can consistently provide quality content to your audience.

Additionally, you help other professionals establish themselves as experts in their fields by giving them a platform to promote their brands.

Here, it is imperative to provide guidelines to potential contributors.

Thus, you can be assured that the blog posts these contributors submit will be as good as those you’ve published previously.

Guest posts are also written to match the topics you discuss so that their topics align with yours.

  1. By Publishing Guest Posts, You Will Be Able To Publish More Content:

    The most noticeable benefit of guest posting is that the content doesn’t have to be written by you

  2. Traffic And Reach Are Increased By Guest Posting:

    Your audience can be significantly increased by publishing more content on more topics more frequently.

    Additionally, your guest writer has the potential to bring their own audience to your blog.

  3. Diversifies Your Readers’ Viewpoints:

    In spite of the fact that you are one of the more efficient bloggers, you may find that your readers would appreciate some varying viewpoints.

    Through guest posts, you can present ideas they would not otherwise encounter.

#3. Content With Voice Activation

Using voice-activated products such as smartphone assistants and smart speakers, Ubermetrics defines voice-activated content as auditory content.

Voice-enabled content is one of the most effective content marketing ideas because consumers increasingly use voice interfaces to search, compare, and buy products.

By capturing attention, engaging consumers, and encouraging them to act, it can increase sales.

By 2022, voice shopping is forecast to make up $40 billion in US consumer spending.

Enhancing the website and content for voice search is essential for voice-enabled content.

Natural language is helpful, such as “Find a sushi restaurant near me.”

Long-tail keywords are another way to enhance content for voice search, considering how you speak and not how you write.

Local SEO should be optimised as well.

  1. Getting An Edge Over The Competition:

    Our first Google search results page shows 10 listings.

    It’s still a competitive market, so ranking on the first page is no assurance of conversion – you’ll still have to compete with all the other listings.

    Position Zero is the only result currently pulled up by voice searches.

    In order to reach that position, you must have dominated the search term and risen above your competitors.

  2. Enhanced Sales Potential:

    When conducting voice searches, consumers are willing to receive content from brands.

    In particular, 52% of smart speaker users want to be able to access deals and promotions.

    A total of 48 percent of respondents would like information about upcoming events, and 42% would like personalised information.

    You’re essentially tapping into a segment of customers who are more likely to convert through voice-activated strategies.

  3. Customer-Brand Communication Improves:

    According to statistics, over 28% of people contact a business after using a voice-activated search.

    What will it mean for your brand? There is a 10x increase in revenue when more business calls are made.

    A 30% increase in conversion rate was also reported.

#4. Repurposed Content

The concept of repurposing content means reusing content you’ve used before.

In the same way that an old shoe can become a vase or a pot for a plant, your blog posts can become infographics, and interviews can be turned into blog posts.

Many marketing strategies use content repurposing. Your marketing can be enhanced, your time saved, your online presence improved.

It is possible to turn a research post into an informative infographic.

The first step is to take all the data you have gathered previously and create a well-designed infographic that displays that data.

Repurposing old posts into SlideShare or videos is another option.

Additionally, old YouTube videos can be converted into blog posts.

Use the video screenshots as images and turn the script into content. Include the YouTube video in your post.

While repurposing is recommended, conserve it for your best content – that which receives the most views, rather than for every single piece of content.

  1. Conserve Your Time And Money:

    Despite having a million and one things to do today, you only have a few hours to accomplish them all.

    A study found that 60% of marketers spend time on low-value or unnecessary tasks, such as searching for information.

    Switch up the format of your existing content instead of trying to come up with brand-new content ideas.

    Time is money, as the saying goes!

  2. Allows You To Target A Specific Buying Stage:

    The buyer’s journey is different for every member of your target audience.

    For those who are about to make a purchase, long pieces of content might help them decide.

    New customers may want quick, bite-sized information about your company.

    Consider repurposing one piece of content rather than creating separate content for each buyer stage.

#5. Conclusion

Your marketing efforts don’t need to include all of these tactics to build an audience or get results.

Content creation and blog promotion are also part of social media best practices.

Check out your social media and website promotion strategies regularly to see which are working and which might need fine-tuning.

Put your effort into content promotion tactics for the most effective response.

It’s a waste of time to focus on content promotion if it isn’t working – and you could easily develop relevant content or adjust existing posts to reach wider audiences.

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